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  1. Thanks calisyoda, Thanks a lot calisyoda. The information what you had provided to me was really helpful to me and if you dont mind provide me your email id. So that we can share new information in open source stream. Thanks a lot calisyoda.
  2. Thanks calisyoda, Ya calisyoda, im using PS 1.4v only. So what is the solution, should i install v1.3 and then start using those themes or can i get themes of v1.4. Please do provide the needful calisyoda. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I installed prestashop and its working fine. I installed new theme called as floreal_shop and ddlx_presta_bio and then i tried to run my shopping cart. The first page seems to be working fine but unfortunately non of the other links are working fine and the website displays blank screen in place of the shopping cart, product description everything. So please, some one can help me out in working all the functionalities. Thanks in Advance.
  4. Thanks for the people who have posted. I was not able to activitate for Asia zone, Later i got to know through my carrier. Thanks for the people who had helped to identifying this problem.
  5. Hi, I installed prestashop in my local system. It was working fine for shipping for countires like USA and France countries but when i tried to do Shipping in India i.e., customer's from India, then the website was displaying blank in place of payment option display. So can some one help me out, how to activitate shipping for india. Thanks in advance. With warm regards, Mohan
  6. hi, i m using prestashop and wery much impressed with it and i want to set the limitations in the home page. Whenever i insert the new product, everything gets added and displays it, but i want to display maximum of 8 products. So how can i do that one. Can any one let me know. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks rocky, But Can you please tell me which is the zone for india, because even after entering the new zone and i did all the modification in the process which it told also i.e., in asia im getting the same problem. So oly, ok im asking you once again.
  8. How to change the country because when the order is been done from France it getting shipped properly where as when i create another user from India its not getting shipped properly. So what should i do to get the shipping process to work properly. Please any one sort my problem. Please provide me the solution to the following mail. [email protected] Thanks in advance.
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