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  1. I have combined two problems because both refer to a new website I have just set up. The weird thing about these problems is I set up 3 other sites without any problems and yet when I tried setting up this site both of these problems appeared. If it is required that I set them up as separate problems then that will not be a problem. 1. When I tried to change the header logo to the company logo firstly using a GIF file and then trying with a PNG file I received the message "You do not have permission to edit this."' Since I am the administer of the site this message does not make sense and has never happened to me before on the other 3 sites?? 2. When I try to add product photos for the products I received the message 'The file is too large. Allowed maximum size is 512 bytes." And yet the message that appears on the screen where the photos are to be added says "Recommended size is 800 x 800px for default theme." I am not sure whether I used to install the earlier websites and if so is there bugs in this latest release? I would like fix these problems as quickly as possible so that the website can be seen as it should be seen. Any feedback is welcome.
  2. I just installed Prestashop and after setting up everything I tried to test the shopping cart. When I try to add an item and there is stock available for that item I receive the following message "The item Bridal earring female austrian crystal stud earring in ear rhinestone fashion in your cart is no longer available in this quantity. You cannot proceed with your order until the quantity is adjusted. ". I have tried this on a number of different items with varying quantities in stock and always received a similar message??? Is there a bug in the shopping cart? Has anyone else had the same problem? This is hard because I can not sell anything at present until the problem is solved.
  3. I have setup prestashop 1.7 in linode but I try to run the install itself I keep on getting the error "An error has occured: Extraction error - No error ". This doesn't make sense and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what is wrong?
  4. I just set up Prestashop on a new server and everything went fine until I needed to change the admin folder so I can access the backend otherwise the program is useless. Every thing I have tried to do in Linux to change this folder has been unsuccessful always receiving the same "Permission denied" message. My question is does Pestashop files have different permission from other files and if so how do I change permission so that I can change the name of the Admin folder?
  5. I want to change active payment from HiPay to Eway but there does not seem to be any way to do this nor is there any information in the manual to do this either. Eway shows up in the Currency, Group and Country restrictions okay. How do I change Active Payment from HiPay to Eway.
  6. When I try to add a product in the in the Add A Product screen, I cannot select the warehouse to place the stock in, all that is shown is an empty box with no warehouse to select. I did create a warehouse for the stock and this shows up correctly on all the other screens but not on this one? Any ideas on how to fix this problem? I am using the latest version of petrashop.
  7. I am having problems with customer registrations stopping anyone from registering. The problem is with the newsletter option and also the optin. I have both of those turned off but when a customer tries to register they receive an error message saying that newsletter is required and optin is also required. This makes it even worse because with the optin turned off there is no optin box on the registration form for the customer to tick???? I would rather leave the newsletter option off so that the customer has a choice as to whether they want a newsletter or not and with the optin well there is no need for that at present. With the above problems I cannot make any sales at all so a quick fix to fix this problem is needed urgently. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
  8. There appears to be a difference of the price set for a product at the back end and price the customer see at Front End. This raises the shown price by about 30% which places the price too high in a competive market. I also noticed in this latest version that the backend is not working correctly because you change the tax from no tax to 10% GST tax or vice versa then the screen remains the same and only shows the retail price and not the ex gst price and the plus GST price. All of this needs urgent attention if a person is expected to offer competive pricing. The difference between the correct price and the price shown on the front end is roughly the difference between the exchange rate between the Australian dollar and the US dollar!!!!!!! On checking further on this problem I noticed that you can not set the default currency properly as all it shows is Dollar. As Australia and the US both use the dollar sign as currency there is no way to tell if the dollar sign shown is either US dollar or AU dollar. Another problem that should be fixed so that "AU dollar" or "US dollar" is shown so that you will know which currency is set as the default currency.
  9. I have been fine tuning my website using a cookie-less domain to load the images (I have over 400 and still counting) I managed after a lot of hassles most stuff now loads in under 1 second with the worst at 2.6 seconds except "index.php?controller=statistics". It is 0kbs and yet is taking around 16 seconds to load initially and also appears to be called every time a product is loaded. I can't seem to find what the connection and would like some advice on how to fix this problem. I have only just installed 1.6.13 and while I only noticed this problem lately I am not certain whether this is a bug in this version. If you run keirgames.com.au at Pingdom Website Speed Test (http://tools.pingdom.com) you will be able to see what I am talking about.
  10. Both websites are the latest version fully updated. One was created in November 2014 and the other on the 1st December 2014.
  11. When I add the retail price and then show the tax the price without is listed and in the lower part The Final Retail price is shown as retail price (inc tax)/(exempt tax). In the shop the exempt tax price is shown and not the retail price as required. I have two PrestaShops and both have the same problem!!!!! I can see no way to fix this problem. Is it a bug in Prestashop? Any help would be appreciated as at present I can not list anything while the wrong price is been shown.
  12. I have a problem trying to activate some categories in 1.6. When I view the categories, the categories are dulled out and can not be processed. These categories came with and are not categories I added myself for which I have no problem. I have already added some stock to these items and would now like to show the stock. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?
  13. I am trying to change the minimum stock that triggers an automatic email informing me of low stock. the minimum quantity is set to 0 and I want to change that to a higher number but so far have been unable to find the place to change even though I have tried everywhere to find it. My main problem is that if add a product and there is an attribute with no stock I get an email telling me of low stock. Any help to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.
  14. This has only started to happen since updating to When I paste a table to the long description it looks fine but when I save the product the table disappears. Can this problem be fixed quickly as each product uses a table and I am adding a lot of products at present which I am going to have redo all the products again when this problem is fixed.
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