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  1. Thanks for the replies, but yes no one seems to have read what I actually wrote. 1-click upgrade from to did not work. I had to perform manual upgrade -> -> -> -> Only way I got to version without messing up the images, after that it always messes up the images, was not expecting the theme to carry on working but not to loose all the images too. Upgrading to latest 1.6 using the 1-click tool causes me to loose all the images. Cheers!
  2. Thanks, so what is the process of upgrading to the latest version?
  3. Well I have managed to manually upgrade from all the way to without breaking the site. After that it won't let me do a manual upgrade to 1.5.x says I need to use the 1-click tool, if I use that the only option I have is to upgrade to and that has the same problems has before Now stuck on this upgrade. frigging nightmare! Its weird behaviour, lets take the same image on 1.4 and 1.6: path on 1.4 : http://domain/img/p/43-[spam-filter]large.jpg path on 1.6 : http://domain/img/p/9/1/[spam-filter]large.jpg When I look on the img/p folder, folder 9 doesn't exist. Must be a way to resolve this? cheers
  4. Attempted the manual process twice now and that also fails, doesn't even upgrade, fails and get a lot of xml code. I did try upgrading using the one click to 1.4.11 but that also has issues.
  5. Was thinking trying the manual process next, the 1-click upgrade is not working as expected. It looks like the upgrade changes the path to the images and also changes the directory structure, but the database paths do not match the directly structure and looks like all images are either linked incorrectly or are missing all together after the upgrade. Also all image files have been renamed. Seems to be more people with the same issues: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/487846-upgrade-from-14-to-16-image-url-to-be-like-14-external-image-link-not-working/ https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/487197-upgrading-images-not-found/
  6. Yeah need to check it in more detail, was not the person that installed it originally so not 100% sure what was done and modified Also there are 519 images with errors Off course have backups and testing it offline also, so not to break the shop that is currently running Many thanks
  7. Theme was originally based on default, but like you say many changes later, I am just wondering if there is a way to just revert to default of the current update and then modify it again to suit my needs? Not very familiar with changing themes, tried a couple of themes but non look rigth, I assume if because of some addons. I have a look at the image path and looked at the live server and the files don't exist on the live server so not sure why the upgrade has changed the path of the files, seems strange to me. Many thanks
  8. Many thanks, managed to get it working locally, but the theme is all messed up after the upgrade to 1.6.1 using the 1-click upgrade, tried a few different ones but its still all jumbled. Is there a way to just reset the theme to the 1.6.1 theme? Just restore the layout? Thanks Also all the images are missing? When I try to generate the thumbnails says files don't exist in location? Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, Just a quick one, what is the path for upgrading from 1.4.7 to the latest 1.6 version? Also I have moved the site to a local server to test the upgrade process before testing it on the live site, but when I go to the 192.168.1.xx URL it redirects to the domain of the site so to the live site, how do I prevent that from happening and remain on the 192.x.x.x site? Cheers
  10. Many thanks for that, after playing around with the css file I have managed to get it working many thanks once again
  11. Thanks for the reply, I would rather have the flags since I am only using two languages, just wanted to place the flags at the top of the left column, still a rookie at this. Thanks
  12. Hi guys, How can I move the language module from the top to the left hand side column?? Many thanks
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