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  1. Legend! Thank you so much, that gives me a good idea.
  2. Hi Guys, After some time of testing Prestashop and other open source packages we are finally looking to move to PrestaShop. We will be moving from our existing package to PrestaShop, we have our hosting and design in place. I am the website administrator and have been getting used to how PrestaShop works over the past year. Our current shopping cart is industry specific and quite restrictive, which is why we are moving. What I need to find is either a business or qualified individual who we can turn to when we have an issue or technical requirement. Work that comes to mind would be, for example, upgrading PrestaShop, implementing order exports to our internal software, general fault finding/fixing etc, etc. Ideally it would be good to know that if something breaks we have someone to call who can help us with the issue. Some key requirements are: Preferably UK based, although will consider other European based options Proven track record in PrestaShop support/development I am just trying to gauge the cost of this type of service and find out what is on offer and what best suits us. Primarily it will be ad hoc support but I am open to a possible support contract. If anyone has any suggestions please do let me know. Thanks!
  3. First of all this post is over 1 year old. Secondly, yes you are right there is not a category ID column on the CSV, but each category created in the back office has an ID, you use that ID in the category column on the CSV, so maybe you misunderstood my previous post.
  4. Sorry, misread your question. Same question here, Vekia had the solution. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/307812-show-promotion-date-price-in-product/
  5. What happens when you use URL rewrite, does it still display the category ID?
  6. What exactly do you mean by transfer? Are you trying to upload the products via CSV in imports?
  7. Hi, You can create price rules, including the dates which the price rules will run. Here is some useful documentation of PS price rules. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Catalog+price+rules Hope this helps you
  8. Hi, From looking at your file is seems you are trying to import a few thousand products at once. What happens if you try to import just a couple of products? do you still get the blank page? First of all test with a couple of products, to see if you can recreate the issue If they import fine then it is probably due to a timeout of the maximum execution time. Also you should turn on error reporting as this will also give you an indication of where the problem lies. Hope this helps.
  9. No, I just tested again on 3 stores and works fine, although on it works differently and will deactivate all new themes modules once it is renamed. Didn't do that on previous version. but you should always back up DB and store.
  10. Select default theme in b/o, rename new theme folder via FTP, change theme name and directory in phpmyadmin, switch to new theme in b/o, and then it works.
  11. Are you using I have just tested the method which also gives 500 error, but this method worked fine in previous verisons. If you rename to what it was originally the error will remove. I will try to find out why this happens on
  12. In phpmyadmin find the table named ps_theme it will list the themes which are installed. Then change the directory name of the theme you wish to change and edit that field. Here is an example, in this case the installed theme is Warehouse, so you would change the directory name to whatever you wish. Hope this helps.
  13. Are you using GoDaddy by any chance? because quick search of the forum reveals others with this same issue, which relates to GaDaddy configuration. Here Here Here And there is sticky here. If not, look at console errors, and also turn on error reporting see what there is.
  14. That is great, the other methods did not result in good results. By changing the directory over FTP and via phpmyadmin worked perfectly, with no issues. Thank you!
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