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  1. Thanks tillidan, Not being technical I am bit reluctant to apply 'temporal solution' or touch areas I am not comfortable with. But I thank you for your response, I am sure people are using it as there seems to be very few of complaining about this issue with the special block, alternatively, they might have switched off like me!!! The reason I choose to use Prestashop was because it is easy to use for non-technical people like me. However, I would rather see a fix/solution from Prestashop.
  2. David, Looking at my note from my web host provider and the entry in my .htaccess, what you gotta put in is this line only: SetEnv PHPRC /home/gamesfromeverywhere/public_html Remove http://www.gamesfromeverywhere.com.au/ and insert the line above. That might be the problem.
  3. Hi David, My store sits in the root directory, so that's where the .htaccess is that I modified. Sorry, misread your post.. I actually placed that line right at the top in .htaccess file. Plus everytime .htaccess is updated it remove the that line so I am not sure how to retain it in there all the time.
  4. Thanks shoulders. So, my understanding is that it's in 1.4.1 but not in 1.4.? Would that be right or is it a feature in 1.4 also.
  5. To the Prestashop Team, Any idea when the english version of the guide is being released unless there is one already but we can't find it? The French version looks good but I don't understand it??? thanks
  6. love to get an update on this if one is forthcoming.
  7. Javier, Thanks for the reply. Yes, a very strange one and I am surpised no one else is having this issue. Here is screen shot if anyone has a solution.
  8. here is the error in display of % reduction. Anyone with any suggesstions or feedback on what I might be doing wrong if not a bug.?
  9. Javier, I have a problem with this block where the format of the discount amount is showing incorrectly. eg. if there is a 10% reduction, it displays at .1000%. Have you enoutered this problem also?
  10. hi, I am not sure if I am doing something wrong here, but if I have a n item say marked at 10% price reduction, it will show up in the 'specials block' with the original price and the reduced priced of 10%. However, instead displaying 10%, it is showing .10000% instead. Is this a bug? If not, is there a way of fixing this in the code? If you view the product in detail the 10% displays correctly, but display incorrectly in the 'Special Block' only. Please help.
  11. Hi, I have this problem and error message coming in ver 1.4 when I go to change "no-picture"-image under 'Languages'. Problem started after I attached an image and now trying to replace it with another give me this error message. Alternative, is there a way I can remove the existing image completely. I can't seem to figure out how to do that as well.? thanks.
  12. Hi, I have encountered this problem and same error message in ver 1.4: "Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png" This happens when I am loading an image under 'languages' for '"No-picture" image' Any help or fix will be much appreciated. I have a got a no-picture image already loaded but was trying to replace with a smaller image, but it won't let me load any image regardless of whether it's .gif, .jpeg or .png.
  13. I would like to do the same with a header bar running accross so I can put the permenant links(contact, sitemap, etc) in a bar below the logo. Any ideas or suggestion on how this could be achieved will be appreciated. I am using ver 1.4.
  14. Hi nkarni, Any update on how your aust post module update is progressing for ver 1.4 ? Very keen to find out.
  15. Hi, I did have these suggestions in place and suddenly it stopped working after a few days even though the limits were increased. I have some good outcome from my host provider who have since assisted in resolving this issue and is now working as expected when I go into Translation Module. Let me explain in the best possible way with my limited technical skills. This may already be a know fix, but I am told this was the cause of the problem and was resetting suhosin max_vars to default. Solution to my issue: They added a line in .htaccess to maintain the max_vars limits as they were getting reset by prestashop. Line added in .htaccess file as “SetEnv PHPRC /home/mysite/public_html”. It seems that the .htaccess file was being overwritten and removing this line. Due to this the php.ini changes were not applied recursively thus causing issue with translation module. Hope this is useful information for those having the same problem. This could be one possible fix.
  16. Hi all, This might be a stupid question and not relevant to prestashop installation and more about securing my environment, but, when i enter /mysite/tools/smarty/, why am I seeing the following displayed in my browser: Index of /tools/smarty Parent Directory Smarty.class.php cache/ compile/ debug.tpl plugins/ sysplugins/ The folders are with 755 permission and 644 for files. Questions: 1. Is this a security issue I need to be concerned about, as when I click on any these folders I can actually see the files in it? 2. How should folders such as these be secured within the prestashop environment? Have I got something not secured fully for people to be able to see my folders?
  17. Great, thanks heaps. That worked. I went back to your previous post and check the file again. Yes, there were 2 instances of that string, so changed both and all good and working now. Q: Question for my interest for future, if these changes where made via Module Translation, I am assuming it doesn't actually change any code but is gets referenced from the translation source. I am I correct in this assumption? Anyway, thank you once again..you have saved me from going mental with this issue. I shall keep working with my host to see what the fix is with the suhosin limit issue. :-)
  18. Hi shokinro, Thanks for your reply. I did try that last night without any change. I have just tried again based on your reply. Cleared the cache, etc and tried in both firefox & IE but the change doesn't seem to take effect. Does 1.4 work differently I wonder? My preferred option would be to use Module Translation, however, if I can change the code to get the same effect I would happily apply to overcome my frustration.
  19. Hi all, I would like to rename the block header from 'Manufacturer' to 'Shop by Brand. I am using ver 1.4. If someone could help will be really nice as I've spent the last 12 hrs trying to figure out why it was working and suddenly stopped working via 'Module Translation'. I tried doing it via Module Translation but get the following error: *** Total expressions : 4005. Click the fieldset title to expand or close the fieldset.. Warning, your hosting provider is using the suhosin patch for PHP, which limit the maximum number of fields to post in a form : 1000 for suhosin.post.max_vars. 1000 for suhosin.request.max_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the suhosin post and request limit to 4105 at least. or edit the translation file manually. **** I have already increased the limit to more than 4105. The error is still stopping me from using this module to achive this translation in manufacturer block. Can someone please help if you have a fix. Is there an alternative way to modify the code to achieve this change if I can't do it thru module translation which would have been preferred.??
  20. Please help...!!Spent the last 12 hrs figuring out what is going on with this suhosin issue? IS THIS A BUG IN 1.4? I have this same problem now using ver 1.4. Initially it asked me to increase the limit to 4105 which I did via my host provider. All worked fine for few days and now I am getting the problem back saying increase limit to 4105. It is already increased to 5000 in my php.ini file. Is this a bug in 1.4 or do i need to check some othEr setting or reset something? However, since then I have done fresh installs about 3 times to see if the problem goes..no such luck!! thanks for the help or reply in advance. ==== This the error message i get when going into Module Translation--> Total expressions : 4005. Click the fieldset title to expand or close the fieldset.. Warning, your hosting provider is using the suhosin patch for PHP, which limit the maximum number of fields to post in a form : 1000 for suhosin.post.max_vars. 1000 for suhosin.request.max_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the suhosin post and request limit to 4105 at least. or edit the translation file manually.
  21. Hi, Did you find a solution to the registration options.? Furthermore, I think if it was a wholesaler selection there should be an option to check the details and approve before they can login if wholesaler. Look forward to you your solution if one has been found & implemented.
  22. Hi, I look forward to the english version also which I hope will give a good picture of 1.4. thanks
  23. hi Angora, Thanks for the reply and the helpful suggestions. I will give that a try, however, I am still wondering if there is a way to have the site display in catalog mode(which doesnot show rices) and then when a user logs in they can view the prices based upon their group in this case while be wholesale.
  24. hi kaeo, did you find a solution to your requirements? I would like the similar process but in ver 1.4. thanks
  25. Hi rocky, Can you please direct me to where I should make similar changes in Prestashop version 1.4. I would like to approve the users before they can access to view prices. So I have a wholesale site which I only wish to make accessible for prices & product viewing to approved users. thanks
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