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  1. Generally whatever comes after "#" in a url is only client-side readable. That means that server has no idea about this. So $request returns you correctly what the url asked before sorting/pagination. If you want to access this information you should use javascript and get what you need. For example when you click for sorting, call a javascript method and read the url from the browser and show it to the. tpl file. Smarty can't help you here.
  2. Hey there! I've haven't used Prestashop 1.7 but so far in previous versions you could just edit the .tpl files inside themes folder for meeting your needs. To be sure make a copy of your footer.tpl file before changing it just in case. Additionally you can use some hooks for extending its content in case you want to show info from a module or from back office you can exclude some modules showing information in footer. Be more specific on what you want to do for us to be able to help you more
  3. Hello again! After a lot of debugging I found out what caused the error. I'm letting the solution in case someone else faces a similar problem. In the end I had entered a bad value in my product url pattern in Seo+url option. What I wanted to achieve was the url to have the pattern of categoryName/productID/productName so I had enter this value: {category:/}{id:/}{rewrite}{-:ean13} which was not the correct pattern and resulted in ProductsController to be called. The correct pattern is the one below: {category:/}{id}/{rewrite}{-:ean13} Cheers!
  4. Hello everybody! I'm creating a store for a client and right now I'm experiencing a totally strange behavior with Prestashop. The problem is that when friendly urls option is enabled, by accessing the index page of the store, the ProductController is called and product.tpl is shown. When I disable friendly urls the homeFeatured module class is called and corresponding .tpl is shown as it is supposed to be. I'll try to explain in details what I did before the problem occurred: I decided to set as default language Spanish and deactivated english. Then I changed the format of the product url(from SEO+URLS), I disabled Friendly urls option and in the end I deleted .htaccess for making the changes to be reflected into the store. Then I enabled friendly Urls one more time (for recreating .htaccess) and created some test products to do some testing. Everything seemed to be working well but when I deleted the products I started experiencing the problem explained above :S Has anybody any idea why this is happening? Any clue will be helpful!! If I find anything I'll post back! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello people, I'm trying to do the manual upgrade from version to 1.5.4 but I´m facing the following problem: <action result="fail" error="34"><request result="ok" sqlfile=""><sqlQuery>SET NAMES 'utf8'</sqlQuery></request><request result="fail" sqlfile=""><sqlQuery>/* PHP:update_customer_default_group(); */</sqlQuery><phpMsgError></phpMsgError><phpNumberError></phpNumberError> The other queries are being executed without error. I checked the php file and it's the same as the one shown here:https://raw.github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/d4bf96b387691449343dcd565c5795eb86135e2e/install-dev/upgrade/php/update_customer_default_group.php Anybody can give me a hand here?? Thanks in advance!
  6. In Wordpress Host you put your server's connection to the database. In most cases is 'localhost'. It's the same value as the field "_DB_SERVER_" on your settings.inc.php file in prestashop or "DB_HOST" on your wp-config file in wordpress.
  7. Hello there!! First of all thanks for the module! I just only made the loading of the wordpress api in the configuration file of prestashop as you mention in your blog and I realised that there is an issue with the response time of my site. Is it something that should happen? In your website example things seems working quite ok. Do you have any idea why does this occur? Would it be the version of wordpress??
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