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  1. Hi ,

    Please Help me , I am nipun Dutt , Is my 1st post.

    My Manufacturer Catalog Search is not Working Properly .


    Is link :- http://www.babehause.com/en/46-baby-carrier#/


    The Problem:
    The Manufacturer category is not functioning properly.

    Is link :- http://www.babehause.com/en/46-baby-carrier#/

    Example: Manduca only have 2 products in that page. When clicked on Manduca manufacturer, it still shows every product.


  2. I did as you said. Everything works like magic with PS Perfect! Thanks alot. I just have a question, can you show me how to display first image of  a post to the all-post.php (site/modules/plblog/frontent/all-post.php) and display a thumbnail of a post in a lastest post category? I think it's gonna be perfect! Once more time, thanks!

    { Solved }

    Dear Sir,

    really Thank you thank you thank you :) Pl-Blog Module  It's Work for me Prestashop 1.5.5 :)


    thank you nguyenquocuy

  3. Bonjour à tous 


    @nipun fait un essais avec ce fichier php ci joint


    thank you SMOK KYF ,

    but one more issue is there Please help ,

    I am using your  plblog.php Page

    in my screen is showing only Blog CAt. and post Links

    and template design is not showing .

    Please help Me

    thank you

    (I don't know to attach image in there Prestashop / forums / topic other wise I can sear you Screen shot  )

  4. Blank page on front end when installing... Now the posts show up in backend, but on front end just blank, no error messages with debug on. The same thing with 2 shops, both on 1.5.3. Installed blog version here http://ge.tt/api/1/f...0/blob?download and plblog152v2.zip



    Also tried this, but doesn't work...


    hi thank you for this module ,

    but i have one problem to use this module when i am installing this module on my local than i am getting


    Fatal error: Call to undefined method Link::getPageLinkOld() in  \htdocs\buzz\modules\plblog\plblog.php on line 624  }**

    Please Help me to resolve this Issue


    thank you :)

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