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  1. I've upgraded my Prestashop store from PS v to . Using the 1 click upgrade option in the admin panel. I am now kicking myself that I did not do a manual backup, but trusted all would be well. After the upgrade, I got 500 errors for the website. I tried to check that all of the permissions were ok. I followed some forum instructions to turn on debugging so I could see more detail on the errors. Smarty tpl files were missing. So I went searching for the tpl files and yes, they were not there. Some how the installation did not work completely. So i used the rollback option. Than I watched with horror as all my other programs such as Gallery Photo program was removed along with almost every other subdirectory where Prestashop had been installed. It tried to run something to put files back, but it appeared that very few Prestashop files had been saved to the back up. I downloaded the zipped backup file to take a look, thankfully I found my Gallery program as well as a few other Prestashop directories. Sadly, the directories did not get all of the files copied to each of the directories that were "backed up". I have worked for a week trying to fix the shop. I see the DB SQL customers and orders in the SQL tables. Sadly there are no pictures because the img subdirectory was not fully backed up when the automatic backup ran its process. I am thinking my web hoster, Fat Cow, servers has caused a problem in not allowing all the files to be copied to backup and not every executable in the automatic upgrade to run. I tested this out, by trying to FTP up to the server and yes, when sending a directory with files up to the server, not every file gets to the server. So, I am now thinking I need to get a new web hoster that does a better install of Prestashop and where other people are located that are not having so many problems. I need to find one where I can also install my online photo album program. I have 40 years coding and working Unix- PHP, etc. I am retired and I have no desire to spend my time trying to determine why an install did not work because of the hosting service or I have to manually go through and set permissions correctly on hundreds of files to get something to work. I am looking for a new webhoster under $9 a month that can provide Cpanel, prestashop install that works, ( I can point my domain name to the new servers, install my own Gallery3 program if needed. )My current hoster, Fat cow throttles down the amount of cpu you can use per hour, so that means when I put a new product in that has combinations, I can only put one product in per hour. It also gives 404 errors when too many people (50 or less people per hour view my page). Until the next hour. I have a limited amount of time I can use to get my site back up and running. I am hoping that I can at least with some guidance from someone save my client and orders that are in the DB and move them. I realized that with my currently dead shop that has no img files, but I am hoping (again with some help, I could salvage my product information in the DB and just upload new photos. Please Please any help that can point me in the right direction so I can get my shop back up in running is appreciated. First need - a new hoster where Prestashop is easy to install and works, with Cpanel and allows you to put Gallery photo album install under $9 a month. My monthly sales are less than a few hundred dollars a month. I am not a huge retail shop. Just a small hobby shop looking for an easy and professional looking site. Second need - Please Please does anyone think it is possible to save my old shop's DB info and transfer it to new hoster, so it shows my products(albeit without pics now) and customer info and actually work so I could just load new pictures with each product. If so, please, tell me how. I now know, to manually back up everything, even if it takes days to do, sure beats having this happen.
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