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  1. Bedankt voor je antwoord. Ok, dan hoef ik geen zorgen te maken met het feit dat het niet aan te vinken is. Ik heb de module op de goede posities ingehakt, zoals je noemde. Ik had je eigenlijk al gemailed. Ik zal je de mail weer forwarden. Wellicht komt het in je spam folder. Ik gebruik hotmail. Alvast bedankt.
  2. Hallo, Ik heb een raar probleem met deze module. Ik heb al de installatieprocessen doorlopen en testbetalingen doorgevoerd met succes. Voor zover ik weet heb ik alle instellingen goed geconfigureerd aan de backoffice: Nederland als enig standaard land en Euro als enige valuta. Bij het uitchecken, nadat ik alle gegevens heb ingevoerd en algemene voorwaarden heb aangevinkt zie ik geen betaalmethode. En aan de backoffice kan ik iDEAL ook niet aanvinken als betaalmethode? Ik had hiervoor op Prestashop ook deze module geinstalleerd en kon ook iDEAL niet aanvinken aan de backend bij de blok Valuta beperkingen maar ik kon de betaalmethode wel zien bij de uitcheckstap. Ik heb Prestashop en de nieuwste iDEAL Checkout plugin geinstalleerd. Als Payment Service Provider en betaalmethode ING Bank - iDEAL Basic. Ik hoop dat iemand me kan helpen.
  3. You didn't have to tell me step by step. I was actually doing what you asked me to do, to report it back to you about what I found. As this is a forum, I assume it's a place where people seek help. As I'm using Prestashop for the first time (and also the last time) this is the only place where I thought I could ask for help. Not everyone who has e-commerce site has basic knowledge of database. Some has little knowledge and messed it up UNintentionally and is finding ways to fix it and listening to advices given. Thanks for your help till here.
  4. I checked and found that ps_cart has 35 rows and ps_cart_product is missing several id's: 5,17,20,22,32,33. How can I fix this?
  5. Sorry that I misunderstood you. Please bear with me. I didn't delete orders from back office but I manually deleted orders in phpmyadmin using truncate table ps_orders command. So basically I should delete manually via phpmyadmin ps_cart_product & ps_cart? With which command? Truncate?
  6. Hi El Patron, thank you for your reply. I deleted the products in the back office. I don't remember using 3rd party module to delete products. And I deleted records of cart, customer and address manually via phpmyadmin using truncate table command. One more thing, I also see old payment records of 5 months ago (when I was still testing!) and invoice with date that is 5 months old under "Orders" of the client!
  7. Hi all, I have a serious problem with my store's shopping cart. It's gone online and our first customer's order contains items in his invoice that he didn't order! I had that a couple of times when still testing, BUT not after I placed the order. I removed all the items that appeared suddenly in my cart before I placed order and they didn't appear in my invoice. Some items just stay in my shopping cart. I deleted my cookies, cache and restart browser. After that I check back and at first my shopping cart is empty, then I tried to add an item into cart, miraculously another item(s) were also added! I don't know what's wrong. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything. So it seems this is not a common problem? I have a custom script in index.php to create cookie for postcode check purpose: <?php if(!isset($_COOKIE['been_here'])) { echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh"content="0;URL=index2.php">'; // postcodecheck if client has never been here } if(isset($_COOKIE['been_here'])) { /* notice of license of prestashop*/ require(dirname(__FILE__).'/config/config.inc.php'); Dispatcher::getInstance()->dispatch(); } /*--- end of code---*/ And I created an extra page called index2.php where the postcode check script is stored: <?php if($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') { if(isset($_POST['postcodecheck'])) { $code_lang =$_POST['postcodecheck']; $code = substr($code_lang, 0, 4 ); } $postcode_array = array("1011", "1018"); if (in_array($code, $postcode_array)) { /* ------cookie is made starting here---*/ $two_months = 60 * 60 * 24 * 60 + time(); setcookie('been_here', true, $two_months); /* --end of cookie ---*/ echo'<p class="alert good">We deliver to your postcode. We're redirecting you to our online store.</p> <meta http-equiv="refresh"content="3;URL=index.php"> '; } else { echo' <p class="alert error">We don't deliver to your postcode.</p> '; } } // end of request ?> Is it maybe a cookie clash? I tried to delete these two files and put the original index.php back without the custom cookie sc, but the problem is still there. I also tried to disable ajax in cart, deleted cache/smarty/compile and cache/smarty/cache files... Nothing helped... My Prestashop version: 1.5.017 Please help! Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have left many topics on different problems but nobody replied. I'm having serious thought of whether to choose Prestashop again for my next project...
  8. Hi all, I've been searching and searching, I couldn't find the answer on this issue. Actually what I want is simple. Client wants to charge iDEAL payment say €1 per order. Shipping is free starting at €20. Since I can't seem to add the fee for iDEAL payment, I thought I could set the handling fee at €1 for it. It seemed fine at first with cart total amount up to €20, the shipping and handling cost are added, but at over €20 the handling fee isn't added anymore because it seems to think that when shipping is free, handling is also free! How do I make it so handling fee and shipping fee is displayed separately at check out? And how do I make it so that handling fee is always added no matter how much the total in your cart is, even when shipping is free? Please help. Client wants the site to go online today! I appreciate all help. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello, I'm struggling to make my site work with custom codes. I have a restaurant website which only does delivery to certain postal codes. Here's my scenario: first time visitors will get the postal code check page (postcodecheck.php) to validate their postal code. Only if their code matches the one in the array, they will be redirected to index.php and the cookie should be set so they don't have to go through the postal code check anymore for their next visit. If their postal code doesn't match one of the values in the array, they won't be redirected and the cookie shouldn't be set to prevent them to enter the site the next time they visit (because their cookie is being stored). To keep it simple: if visitor is first time visitor { do postcodecheck if { in the postcodecheck array then redirect to index.php and set cookie } else { don't set cookie, can't go to index.php } How do I achieve this? I'm not a programmer... Right now I have this in my index.php: if(isset($_COOKIE['been_here'])){ // do nothing } else { $two_months = 60 * 60 * 24 * 60 + time(); setcookie('been_here', true, $two_months); header('Location: postcodecheck.php'); } Thank you in advance.
  10. Onder /modules/blockreinsurance/style.css kun je de kleur aanpassen. Maar ik maak meestal een overwrite in mijn thema css (/themes/jouwthema/css/global.css). Zet deze regel onderaan: #reinsurance_block li { color:gewenstekleur !important; } Hoewel je zo min mogelijk overwrite moet maken in je css, is het soms wel fijn dat je alle stijlen op 1 plek hebt en dat je de core files niet wijzigt.
  11. @Ronman Je hebt wel een punt. Waar kan ik jouw module / script vinden?
  12. Bedankt voor je antwoord, Ronman. Zou je zoiets ook via het formulier kunnen doen bij guest checkout of bij nieuwe account aanmaken? Het idee komt er wel op hetzelfde neer.
  13. Hallo allemaal, Ik ben een webshop aan het bouwen voor een klant waar bezoekers eten kunnen bestellen online. Het restaurant bezorgt alleen naar bepaalde postcodes en die probeer ik te valideren nadat een bezoeker hun postcode heeft ingevuld en als de postcode niet in het systeem zit dan moet de bezoeker een melding krijgen dat er niet bezorgd kan worden op die postcode. Weet iemand hoe ik het moet doen? Alvast bedankt!
  14. Hi PascalVG. Thank you for your reply. I tried the method using the link you included, I don't get the error message "Invalid token" anymore, at least that one is solved. Now I got another problem. I can't get the payment method to show after I have filled in everything, even after I have agreed to the terms of service / use. Please, anything that I missed out? Any bit of help will be appreciated! Thank you.
  15. Hi everyone, I have another question regarding check out. I enabled guest checkout and chose the one page checkout because I have problem with 5 step check out as it refreshes to the home page after I have entered my address details. So it will confuse customers as where their order has gone. So I figured perhaps I don't have this problem if I select the one step check out. But with this check-out I also have problem with it for not being able to select the payment because it says "Error: please choose a carrier" while the carrier has been selected! I have entered an address and click the Save button. I read that you have to save it first to be able to see the payment method. But nope, I don't get to see it. If I refresh the page or after log in I will get to see the payment methods. This shouldn't be the conclusion since customers won't know what to do. I'm using Prestashop 1.5 I attached a screenshot. I hope somebody could help me. Thanks in advance!
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