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  1. Hi, I did a custom module for requesting of products. Prestashop cart is used without any changes, but order, authorization and so on is unused and instead of that custom module is used. But I believe it is not important for this issue. Cut the chase - on localhost I add any products into cart. As soon as a product is added to car, number of product within cart button is changed. But on hosting it takes some time - under 5s. Ajax shopping cart is deactivated! Any idea?
  2. The search bug I was describing above is still present in new version 1.6.11. I can´t really believe nobody struggles with such problem. And also I´m surprised moderators are not curious about it. I understand there is no chance to solve all topics but in this particular case I carefuly described the issue and nobody cares....
  3. There is a bug in the file blockspecials-home.tpl. But correction is pretty easy, just put following instead of original content of the file: {if isset($specials) && $specials} {counter name=active_ul assign=active_ul} {include file="$tpl_dir./product-list.tpl" products=$specials class='blockspecials tab-pane' active=$active_ul id='blockspecials'} {else} <ul id="blockspecials" class="blockspecials tab-pane"> <li class="alert alert-info">{l s='No special products at this time.' mod='blockspecials'}</li> </ul> {/if} Don´t forget to clean cache through back-office. Please let me now if it works. For me it works perfect, so should you too
  4. Be careful. The mentioned works fine until double quote is used as category description. Then it makes troubles with title of link and www validator evaluates it as error of course.
  5. ... I´ve already got why it doesn´t work. Sorry I should first take a look a bit and then put a question.
  6. I´ve got the same issue. During module´s installation I get error message that root/override/override is not writeable although the permissions are set correctly.
  7. I´ve already fixed the problem by myself, just surprised nobody nobody else is struggling with it. I´d really appreciate advise of a prestashop [spam-filter] what is the right way how to fix it.
  8. Nobody else gets the trouble with search?
  9. There is a bug in search function in Prestashop of version 1.6 in my opinion. The problem appears under following conditions: Search successfully found e.g. 25 products. It is shown just 15 products on a current page (pagination setup is 15/45/90). Now the page 2 is shown with last 10 products. Till now everything is correct. Problem occurs when now is pagination switch from 15 to 45 products on page. It is ended with fault message "please enter a search keyword". After looking at this problem the cause where localized in model of search (Search.php), namely in the function find. There is formula for offset of LIMIT: LIMIT '.(int)(($page_number - 1) * $page_size).','.(int)$page_size; ...but page_number is 2, so offset is calculated as (2-1) * 45 = 45, but total number of found products is just 25 (as meantioned above). And that´s cause of the problem. I was thinking how shall I fix it and my solution is make a redirect within the SearchController (function initContent) after the function Search::find is called. Redirect I used to set the same URL with same values of all variables with only one change - variable p set to 1 to start pagination from first page. Because I´m newbie in Prestashop I´d like to start a discussion about what is the best practice for such case. Beside that if I already revealed I used the function redirect, I´d like to know, what is the best way to get completely URL with all vars and change just one of them, namely var p.
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