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  1. #add_to_cart {display: block !important;} add this any were in the global.css
  2. boder radius is enough border-radius:5px -moz-border-radius:5px -webkit-border-radius: 5px; Reduce ur css size..its too large
  3. <p id="reduction_percent" style="display: none;"></p> <p id="reduction_amount" style="display:none"></p> remove this lines from product page + remove that twitter module its making your site dead slow.. im a back after 1 year and 2 months chill
  4. in simple one page check one is convenient for u to take take orders quickly one to backoffice preferences orders >Order process type>on drop down one page check out
  5. remove that body image from css background: #ffffff url('../img/numerisation-de-video-fond2.jpg'); on ur theme header.tpl add background image and add this at css img.pring{max-width:100%;} <body> <img class="pring" src="image location" width="" height="" alt="" />
  6. disable or uninstall PayPal module or select on which page u want them to appear from modules positions
  7. it will be in ur themes /img directory.. use photo shope and change every images color that are black
  8. is that background image is on whole page i mean body ? u can have this way <img class="pring" src="image location" width="" height="" alt="" /> on css img.pring{max-width:100%;} or define height ,width by various media sizes
  9. u need to remove this line on #featured-products_block_center{ box-shadow: 0px 8px 6px -6px rgb(136, 136, 136); if u like image to zoom a little on hover add this here on this featured-products_block_center .product_image:hover { transform: scale(1.1);
  10. very sorry cudn't help you..i was off..just got its notification..now.. Glad that its solved..mean while in your site..you have some images missing..like add to cart check out background image missing.before proceeding payment i found some image is missing..there may be more..plz find it
  11. see rich snippets shud be added on whole we page..this will be just a part of it.like same with a responsive module
  12. admin.css line 46 located at \admin\themes\default\css #header { background-color: rgb(57, 64, 73); height: 90px;
  13. ok u asked this even at stack overflow .,,,,,ya vekia solution will work...umm maybe its a free theme its responsive features are not that up to the mark
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