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  1. I recently moved my prestashop webstore to an addon domain of a new web hosting company. However after updating the nameservers and testing the website only the homepage loads, all other pages are displayed with an error message This is the link http://minimart.lk/milk-powder/423-enfamil-a.html
  2. What is the progress? Was it successful? Share your feedback and we too could help you out
  3. There is no such module which I know of where you can perform testing of the front end functionalities in any CMS! Therefore you would have to manually test the frontend of your store in order to check whether it works as you want it to.
  4. Unfortunately that is not possible because competitor websites have put their watermark into such photos :-( So I have taken each of the photos personally from my camera Thanks, I have put a moderate timing for that Thanks for the tip, I have changed the whole colour combinations of the site to one of gray-white theme. And I have also found that as soon as I did so the number of abandoned carts which I received went from 15-0 in 24 hours! Regarding the flowers, well presently I am unable to get more images for them but I shall try to find more. Do you think I need to change anything further now?
  5. The overall design of the site looks pretty nice and matches with the theme properly. However there seems to be some disabled content pages such as http://www.silvercharming.com/content/1-delivery which you need to check. Presently it gives an error message for the link Secondly I would suggest that rather than having similar names for the categories you should use a much shorter name or create subcategories for them. Such as, Instead of this, 925 Sterling Silver Pendants 925 sterling silver Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Rings 925 Sterling Silver Chains 925 Sterling Silver Toe Rings 925 Sterling Silver Bracelets & Bangles 925 Sterling Silver Nose Studs 925 Sterling Silver Necklace You can try this, 925 Sterling Silver |__ Pendants |__ Earrings |__ Rings |__ Chains |__ Toe Rings |__ Bracelets & Bangles |__ Nose Studs |__ Necklace This looks more clearer for the visitor and more organized as well Relating to the New Products block I would suggest that you use the default layout of image next to text rather than displaying all the images on top and the name of the product down
  6. Which version of prestashop are you using? The functionality is there in version Although its not clearly indicated as drag and drop, when you drop a set of images into the product images page of the admin panel it automatically gets uploaded
  7. Even I was searching for a way to do this, but there is no way to do this without creating a particular module or code modification.
  8. Yes I also was wondering of such a design earlier, anyway thanks to your suggestion I have made a similar change to my site. However I used a white background with yellow for the middle content area although you used the opposite. Anyhow could you please let me know any other areas which need to be addressed. And also please check on the footer area on the mobile as well. The + buttons do not work
  9. I have changed that into blue, and now its clearly visible. But do you think I should change the background of that whole block into dark green or leave it as it is with the background yellow? Also did you check the footer area on the mobile device?
  10. I recently launched my online store and am presently working on refining the site and determining ways of improving the site. Therefore could anyone please check my store and let me know whether it needs any improvements or additions? Also this is a fully responsive website, however the + icon on the footer area does not seem to work on all browsers. Could you also let me know how to rectify this problem as well? The site is http://www.minimart.lk
  11. Ok, I included the full URL as you suggested and it works correctly on all pages now. This was the way in the beginning but at that time it would duplicate the URL as, http://domain.com/contact-ushttp://domain.com/contact-us Thats why I changed it earlier Anyhow Thanks a lot Vekia and Mukesh You may mark it as solved
  12. Vekia - No I didnt edit any tpl files for including the contact us page. It is the same form which is shown at default I did make a link to the contact us page from the BlockTopHorizontalMenu as [email protected] suggested by creating a new menu item link as, "contact-us" After replacing it to "index.php?controller=contact ". the problem is resolved and the contact us page is shown correctly on all product and cms pages. However, the URL is still the same for product pages, the only difference is it goes by DOMAIN NAME/CATEGORY/index.php?controller/contact The link still works now and it redirects to contact us. But would it be possible to use the friendly URL option because all other pages have it
  13. Yes thanks for checking it out. The links seem to be working correctly for the CMS pages, however the Contact Us page is still affected It goes as, domainName/Category/contact-us Amazingly however the inspect element displays the correct URL, but when you hover over the contact us menu item it displays as I showed above
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