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  1. How do you display prices and discount properly Example: if the Price is 100(tax excl) and discount of 10(tax excl) the display on font office should be originalPrice: 100 discount and save -10 and price is 90, but front office is displaying originalPrice: 100 discount and save -10.50 and price is 90. is there any way to properly display the prices and and discount calculation properly, there seems to be no setting for this in back office.
  2. I am importing products via CSV, the import goes well without error, The products price, name, quantity, are all set good and all other columns that I set, except that I noticed that on products Category is not set properly, example: I set like 20 products into category on CSV to 'Category-A' but after the import, the Category is set into 'Home' not into 'Category-A', but when you clicked on the individual product ,going to association Tab,the default category is set Properly. is this a bug, or there is a settings that I need to activate to properly set category on product list the problem that i have, that goes with this, is on the front page, because when i search for Category-A, it will not return the products on that Category,because it is set on 'Home'
  3. how do you retrieve each value on a jQuery serialize array var datArr = $("form").serializeArray(); $.ajax({ url: "<path to php file>", type: "POST", headers: {"cache-control": "no-cache"}, data: datArr, dataType: "json", success: function(result){ console.log(result.returned_val); } }); <form> <input id="val1" name="val1" type="text" value="" /> <input id="val2" name="val2" type="text" value="" /> </form> and on my php file is $datArr = Tools::getValue('datArr'); $arrVars = array(); foreach ($datArr as $key => $value) { $arrVars = $key; } echo json_encode(array('returned_val' => $arrVars['val1']); i get a null on my console.log How do i properly retrieve serialize array and return them back.
  4. Thanks for helping out, I manage to solve Post method problem from javascript by correcting the right path where my php file is located like " url : '{$base_dir}modules/modulename/file-name.php' " and using the Send mail syntax that "jsmit2" posted I was able to send an email.
  5. thanks for the reply, I will check this out, but somehow I have a related issue, it seems that when posting via javascript, it is having an error like POST: <url> 404 (not Found) from what i have understand on error,it cannot find the file(php file),but when i check the url, where my javascript will supposed to POST , the file is there
  6. I'm trying to create a custom form (module) that a customer would fill up, and then send email , current I just used to input form and a submit button, when click there is no error,but no email sent or receive. **Note: this is similar to send a friend module (but I am planning to ad more input form) this is my display.tpl <script type="text/javascript"> {literal} $('document').ready(function(){ $('#sendQuote').click(function(){ var name1 = $('#name1').val(); var email = $('#email').val(); if (name1 && email) { $.ajax({ {/literal}url:"{$my_quotation_link}"{literal}, type: "POST", headers: {"cache-control": "no-cache"}, data: {action: 'sendQuote', name1:name1, email:email}, dataType: "json", success: function(result){ console.log(email); console.log('Hello'); } }); }else{ console.log('Fail'); } }); }); {/literal} </script> This is Lumberyard <br/> <form method="post" action="{request_uri}" class="lmbr"> {l s="Name"} <input id="name1" name="name1" type="text" name="name1" value="" size="14" /> {l s="Name"} <input id="email" name="email" type="text" name="email" value="" size="20" /> <input id="sendQuote" class="button" name="sendQuote" type="submit" value="Send Quotation" /> </form> and this is my quotation ajax <?php require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../config/config.inc.php'); require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../init.php'); include_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/mymodule.php'); $module = new MyModule(); if (Tools::getValue('action') == 'sendQuote') { $name1 = Tools::getValue('name1'); $email = Tools::getValue('email'); }else{ $name1 = 'Name1'; $email = 'email'; } $templateVars = array( '{name1}' => Tools::safeOutput($name1), '{email}' => Tools::safeOutput($email) ); if (!Mail::Send((int)$module->context->cookie->id_lang, 'send_quote', 'Quotation', $templateVars, $email, null, ($module->context->cookie->email ? $module->context->cookie->email : null), null, null, null, dirname(__FILE__).'/mails/')) die('0'); die('1'); die('0'); ?> I am also attaching my complete module for your reference mymodule.zip
  7. Can anyone help on how to properly edit shopping-cart-product-line.tpl, on line 39 i have made changes on the price display <td class="cart_unit" data-title="{l s='Unit price'}"> <ul class="price text-right" id="product_price_{$product.id_product}_{$product.id_product_attribute}{if $quantityDisplayed > 0}_nocustom{/if}_{$product.id_address_delivery|intval}{if !empty($product.gift)}_gift{/if}"> {if !empty($product.gift)} <li class="gift-icon">{l s='Gift!'}</li> {else} {if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} <li> {if !$priceDisplay} {if isset($product.reduction_type) && $product.reduction_type == 'amount'} <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}"> {'Limit:'} {$product.discount_limit}<br/> {'On Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign}<br/> {'Abv. Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt + $product.reduction} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign} </li> {else} {* <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}"> {'Limit:'} {$product.discount_limit}<br/> {'On Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign}<br/> {'Abv. Limit'}{convertPrice price=(($product.price_wt + $product.reduction) / $product.price_without_specific_price)* 100 * -1} {assign var='symbol' value='%'} </li> *} {/if} {else} {if isset($product.reduction_type) && $product.reduction_type == 'amount'} <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}"> {'Limit:'} {$product.discount_limit}<br/> {'On Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign}<br/> {'Abv. Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price + $product.reduction} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign} </li> {else} {* <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}"> {'Limit:'} {$product.discount_limit}<br/> {'On Limit'}{convertPrice price=$product.price} {assign var='symbol' value=$currency->sign}<br/> {'Abv. Limit'}{convertPrice price=(($product.price + $product.reduction) / $product.price_without_specific_price)* 100 * -1} {assign var='symbol' value='%'} </li> *} {/if} {/if} </li> {else} {if !$priceDisplay} <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}">{convertPrice price=$product.price_wt}</li> {else} <li class="price{if isset($product.is_discounted) && $product.is_discounted} special-price{/if}">{convertPrice price=$product.price}</li> {/if} {/if} {/if} </ul> </td> my problem is every time i click on the '+' or '-' button the display revert back to original display, unless i refresh the browser, can anyone help me please for the work around on this issue
  8. i manage to make this work with local server but the animation does not work.. any help please.
  9. I use mitsos suggestion it still does not work on my end, any other solution please?
  10. are this fix or solved bugs included in the testing package of prestashop?
  11. I am trying to create a module with custom Tab(menu) and a have custom controller, and on that menu I want to display some info from a tpl file i have like.. *during the installation of the module, It inserts data into the database which then create a new tab.. please see the attached image..'new-menu-ps1609.jpg' but, i dont know how to put a display on that menu.. i also created a contoller on the /modules/mymodule/MyModule.php and on that file ihave the following contents.. class MyModule extends AdminController { protected $html = ''; public function __construct() { $this->bootstrap = true; $this->table = 'product'; $this->className = 'Product'; parent::__construct(); $this->viewDisplay(); } public function viewDisplay() { return $html .= "<div><p>Custom Product List</p></div>"; } } ***but i am getting a blank display like 'new-menu-blank.jpg' can anyone help me on the work around for this?
  12. Good day Joe, I have been using your module on prestashop, and its all going well, I have read the above thread that there seems to be an issue with, so we have not decided to upgrade, Now, with the, I decided to rebuild my site with this version, my question is, is there something that i need to be concerned with, when using page cache module, and also do i need to download a new version of the module, or is ok just to use the current version i have purchased. -Jah Yax-
  13. I was looking some thing similar like this, in my case its shirt i have like S, M, L, for size and color availability is according to size of shirt. green, blue, is only available for S black, red for M yellow, white, for L if i select S, i want only to display in color picker the green and blue, and hide other color. any update on this one mate?
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