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  1. yes.......better now. What do you think of the 2 blocks on the right site under that advertisement of the woman on a bike? Looks like they are strange...................but so far many thanks
  2. The blocks on the right site seems to look strange And I see: Bericht: Syntaxisfout Regel: 676 Teken: 5 Code: 0
  3. Not yet here........ Only the startpage is having it as far as I can see
  4. Have send you a private message Extra information: my theme is prestashop-seo (so not the other one)
  5. Didn't help......still out of line...strange In Chrome I don't see it...there it's ok
  6. Didn't help..............but the strange thing is that when I want to login nothing happens.....stay's on the same page. What will help for the voucher thing is that maybe I have to change the button Afrekenen and that it's goign to the shoppingcart............but niw I am stuck on that I can't login
  7. I think there is something wrong with my website in Explorer. The right colom is going to the left
  8. When a customer want to go to his account fills in his mailadress and password nothing happens. He is not directing to his account. My website is www.fitnesswinkel.com What is going on?
  9. $smarty = new Smarty(); $smarty->template_dir = _PS_THEME_DIR_.'tpl'; $smarty->compile_dir = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'compile'; $smarty->cache_dir = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'cache'; $smarty->config_dir = _PS_SMARTY_DIR_.'configs'; $smarty->caching = false; $smarty->force_compile = true; // to pass "false" when put into production $smarty->compile_check = false; //$smarty->debugging = true; $smarty->debug_tpl = _PS_ALL_THEMES_DIR_ . 'debug.tpl'; This is what I have now in my smarty.config.inc.php
  10. Make sure before you start to set Force compile to ON and Cache to OFF. Where can I find these options?
  11. Great......I wil try this and let you know
  12. I got 1.3.5...so that option is not there.
  13. When someone is placing a order on my website www.fitnesswinkel.com they can't fill in the voucher code. So when someone put's something in his basket: they have to fill in there infotmation choose there way for payment But nowhere they can fill in the vouchercode accept if they go to there shoppingcart but I like to have it that they can fill it in before they choose there payment type. Anyone?
  14. Who want to check my website and make it ssl on the checkout procedure and contact page. SSL certificate is active
  15. I am not using the standard friendly url rewriting, so this is turned off in my admin. I am using: http://www.inveostore.com/magic-seo-urls-for-prestashop-7
  16. The older version was working good...................so
  17. Uninstalled it.....uploaded it again: This page contains the following errors: error on line 10 at column 59: EntityRef: expecting ';' Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error. http://www.fitnesswinkel.com 24-nl
  18. Which do I have to choose: text or XML?
  19. This page contains the following errors: error on line 6 at column 42: Extra content at the end of the document Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error. Link: http://www.fitnesswi...c_export_nl.xml You must associate each of your category to the category corresponding Google.....I did this...saved it.....but it disappears again in admin
  20. I think I lost your PM..........please send it again
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