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  1. There isn't a perfect checkout ------------------------------------------------------- Do you sell books that can be downloaded? Do you sell physical items? Do you sell memberships? Do you sell concert tickets? ------------------------------------------------------- My point is, the checkout process should be the most flexible part of PrestaShop!!! I've been stalking / using the following e-commerce platforms: Spree Commerce, Magento, OpenCart, UberCart, Drupal 7 Commerce and PrestaShop. Actually I've run shops on both PrestaShop, OpenCart and UberCart. From what I have learned (I'm a front-end developer, back-end hacker, online retailer), flexibility of the checkout process will determine the winner of the open-source e-commerce race! ------------------------------------------------------- Spree = pretty much the most flexible platform available if you can get your head around Ruby et el ( less then 99% of potential users!) Magento = Run, run, run for the hills... Absolute rubbish coding by overpriced developers! OpenCart = Will be a formidable opponent to PrestaShop if they can get some venture capital support (as oppose to the current set-up of amateur hacking and ego soothing)... Ubercart = Ok, if you have the time to learn Drupal (Load gun, point at skull, pull trigger!). Not to mention the community is dead in the water. Drupal 7 Commerce (with the supposed distribution set-ups that are promised) = Will rule the roost - if you can wait another year or three; and deal with Drupal... Or PrestaShop 1.4??? I'm pretty sure none of the core PrestaShop developers have ever operated a for-profit store in their life! So my point? :roll: ------------------------------------------------------- Forget all those rubbish / niche 'additions' you seem to be adding to the core, and concentrate on what shop owners need; making goddamn conversions! Fail this essential objective and you may as well give up! One Page check-out isn't the answer!!!! Yes it will increase sales compared to the default process. Not hard to be honest! The current process is only trumped in its uselessness to the current OpenCart (1.4) default checkout! ------------------------------------------------------- My humble suggestion for the best checkout: ------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> - Click 'Checkout' - Page 1: Enter voucher, (If customer is an account holder, enter Email / password - no need for confirmation as Ajax can fill in the data on the fly), Enter Name, Enter Email, Enter Billing Address, (Shipping address pre-selected), Enter Shipping method, Confirm 'Terms & conditions', click 'Review order' - Page 2: View order summary, choose payment method, click 'Make payment'. - Page 3: Payment confirmation. Confirmation message reads "Would you like to create an account? (so you can track your order and enable express checkout on future purchases?) ------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This is the best check-out process for 99% of shop set-ups! Don't believe me? I bet a £200 case of English organic red wine if you prove me wrong (The wine is pretty damn good - SEDLESCOMBE Regent 2009) Kind regards Mokijo
  2. Just had word from one of the dev's: Bruno Lévêque (prestashop team member) +1 on the guest checkout, but doesn't look like they intend to allow order creation via the back office. I guess the modules that allow this feature are top earners for them ;-P Still, credit where credit is due, 1.4 seems to be making some half decent strides in the right direction. Mostly...
  3. And on an unrelated issue, do the PS dev's even bother looking at the feature request? See "link":http://www.prestashop.com/bug_tracker/view/3304/
  4. In the interest of fairness, I guess I should clarify a couple of points... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can create a new customer in the back office. But its a very disjointed process. The customer account and the addresses associated with it are in two different admin panes. Still a mute point as you can not then place an order once the customer is created. And no, the super-user mod is not a solution! You can can change / amend shipping and billing addresses and you can delete products. You can not ammend the shipping method, change the shipping costs, add products or amend product prices. Most customers who need to return something pick up the phone. All they want to hear is 'send it back in its original packaging with the invoice and we'll refund you as soon as we receive it'. The RMA system does not allow you to do this easily. I'm not sure why they over complicated this supposed feature. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I apologise if my initial post misled anyone, but my sentiment still stands. Prestashop is a nightmare to use with regards to dealing with customer service. Especially if you have a telephone number customers can call. Which they do. All the bloody time!
  5. Hello Mav, I get your point. And yes, £200 is cheap. But I could go with "Shopify":https://www.shopify.com/services/signup for the same money and I'd get free hosting! You're right when you say no cart fits 100% "out of the box". But with all the other carts I mentioned, I could get most of what I need in the base install, and the rest either with free Mods or creative, well documented 'copy pasta'. I guess my main gripe is that the PS team are releasing all sorts of fancy features that actually benefit a very small amount of the user base. The features I listed are probably essential to 95% of shop owners. I guess the commission they get from the paid modules that do provide these 'essential features' discourages the Dev's from including them in the standard release. Which is a shame. (Mod's / Dev's please correct me if I'm wrong in this regard, I would certainly appreciate clarification!). I will re-iterate, £200 isn't really the problem. Updating the core and 3rd party mod's is the biggest gripe I have. Not only do you have to contend with the code the dev's are putting out, but you also have to worry about the coding / compatibility of mod's from three or four 3rd party developers. Every time there's an update. For features that should come as standard. But hey, I haven't donated any money to the core-developers so I think I'll shut up now... :red:
  6. I've been keenly awaiting the arrival of PS 1.4 but it looks like I've been waiting in vain :down: I appreciate PS 'powers' many online stores, however I can only imagine the struggle and heartache the owners face by using Prestashop. Oh wait, I actually do know, from experience! I've tried Opencart, Magento, Ubercart and Prestashop. I was shocked to learn Prestashop won the recent open-source awards. It is far from the best! As someone who runs several online shops, I note the following essential functions are missing: # The ability to simply create a new customer in the back office # The ability to create new orders in the back office # The ability to properly amend existing orders in the back office # A decent checkout process # The ability to handle product returns / refunds efficiently They may seem 'trivial' to the dev team, but I can assure you that when you process hundreds of orders a week, these features are essential. Anyone hoping to run a successful business without them will soon find customers walking away in disgust! Customer service is key to success, and Prestashop fails miserably. I know there are several paid mods that accomplish some of these functions, but they should be core to the software. When it comes to updates etc, the last thing you need is hassle with modules that should be core processes. With regards to the checkout process, customers rightly expect guest checkout as the default. The process should also be as streamlined / logical as possible. I refer you to the Ubercart checkout process "link":http://demo.ubercart.org (shockingly bad demo site I admit :bug: ). There are also free mods for the already excellent Magento checkout process (I actually rate PS above Magento overall, just...). And the soon to be released Opencart 1.5 promises to blow them both out of the water. And what does Prestashop 1.4 offer in this regard? The worst thing however, was that up until very recently, Prestashop couldn't even handle basic arithmetic! Rounding numbers messed up invoices every time! Read: It produced invoices that were not legal! The crazy thing is, I've spent over £200 on modules to try and get Prestashop to function at the minimal level any e-commerce store should offer out of the box, but now I give up! Opencart 1.5 and Drupal 7 / Commerce are the future of open-source e-commerce !!! What a shame, Prestashop showed so much promise. But if you can't get the basics right... Sorry for the rant. Mokijo --> :zip:
  7. Just an observation: 63,202 members and only 25 logged on? Where has everyone gone to? Don't tell me an awesome new challenger to PS has turned up...
  8. Just to update folks on what I'm working on... First up, there should be no 'iphone' version of a website. If you want to target iphone's, build an iphone app! Websites should be device 'agnostic'. With css "media queries":http://www.alistapart.com/articles/responsive-web-design/ we can handle specific layout requirements that deal with a multitude of different viewing scenarios. By using this technique, we can display our site's features within the confines of popular resolutions: * 740px (tablets + really old monitors), * 960px (older monitors + horizontally held tablets), * 1360px (standard modern browsers) However, these resolutions are difficult to re-work within standard PS templates for the smaller mobile phone formats (220px/340px). To achieve a truly responsive design, you cannot expect standard templates to cope with these requirements. A module / feature that might serve a desktop user may prove a hindrance to a mobile-phone user. Prestashop does not account for this. It is difficult to switch modules on or off depending on the user device. No module / theme currently available helps us in this regard. My solution? If you don’t know your way around html / css / tpl / js , you’ll need to consult someone who can do it for you. At a price! If you want it done eloquently, make sure you hire someone well-rehearsed in php / smarty. My solution (a work in progress): First, design a site that fits a 960px resolution. Use css queries within the tpl files to re-arrange your site’s content blocks to fit popular resolutions as described (excluding the 220px/340px resolutions). You can use conditional comments / js to aid Internet Explorer browsers. We are now going to exploit "Pierre-Yves’s module":http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/16888/developpement_et_modules/blocks_module_choix_du_theme/. This module outputs a list of themes stored in the websites theme folder, thus allowing the customer to modify their viewing experience. By storing only two themes within our themes folder, and by modifying the tpl file of Pierre-Yves’s module, we can create a theme that responsively encompasses resolutions above 740px, and supply a customer chosen theme that works below 340px (via a theme switch). For modules that don’t work well on a mobile devices, we add a tpl file for it within our mobile theme that contains an empty div with a css display of none. Not eloquent, but it works just fine. Either way, one site, one database, no seperate url's, no forcing of minimal layouts... Just some hardcore tpl / css coding! For the majority of people reading this post, I’m guessing you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about! For those well-rehearsed in modifying Prestashop, I’m sure you realise I’m being a little vague. I am currently really busy at the moment, but I will provide working examples of the above suggestions. In the mealtime, please give me your opinion! Prestashop Ninjas: Your thoughts are especially welcome!!! Regards Mokijo
  9. Hello folks, I need some advice regarding the best way to implement a theme switcher / changer on my site. Basically, I would like the customer to be able to choose which theme to view the site in: Either the shop's default theme or a mobile-device friendly theme. I know there is a paid theme in development that automatically serves up a mobile theme, but I'd rather have a go making my own. The design / tpl aspect I'm fine with. Its just the actual 'switching' mechanism I'm stuck on. Firstly, I want the customer to choose if they want to view a mobile version of my shop. Many mobile users hate being forced to view a stripped down version, especially when their phone / tablet etc is perfectly capable of surfing standard sites. So a simple link / button above the header will be needed to act as the 'switch'. Clicking this button would set a cookie and refresh the page, loading the site into the mobile friendly theme. Obviously the button (theme switcher) would need to change on the mobile theme to direct the customer back to the normal site. Now, I have found two modules that do something similar: * "Disarci's attempt":http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/17085/third_party_modules/module_block_change_theme_blockthemeselector. This requires manual hacking of the config.inc.php file. * "Pierre-Yves's attempt":http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/16888/developpement_et_modules/blocks_module_choix_du_theme/. This automatically updates the config.inc.php file. I'm sure either one could be easily hacked to do what I require. However, because of the way the modules are written, I would only be able to store two themes in my themes folder; the default theme and the mobile theme. Not ideal. The second issue is that both modules require modifications to core files. This sucks because updating prestashop would reset those changes. I'm also pretty sure un-installing either module fails to return the config files back to their original state! So, Presta-geeks / hackers / developers: Is there a way of implementing a theme switcher without modifying core files? If so, any advice how I should approach it? I'm sure many people would benefit from such a module / hack. If not, I guess i'll just have to use one of the existing modules and accept their limitations... Regards Mokijo
  10. Just tried the new update and it works perfectly. Definitely a 'must have' module for every PS user. Thanks for all your hard work Rocky. Much appreciated!
  11. I'm guessing an {if} rule on the li class (line 90 on the tpl)? class="{if $page_name != 'index'}selected{/if} ..." I'll have a go myself later on and let you know Cheers edit: The above code doesn't work. Even if it did, it would have expanded all the cat's. I think i need to also identify the appropriate cat id using the 'and' function. Shame I'm such a numpty when it comes to coding. Doh!
  12. Just bought your module. Installed without a problem. Definitely decreases the page load speed. Highly recommended! Is there any chance of helping me to get the menu to expand a category on the front page by default? I have a category that I use to highlight different themes in my product range i.e colours, seasons etc and would find it useful to have these visible (but only on the frontpage) Regards Mokijo
  13. So the last two main releases of prestashop have either been unable to generate accurate invoices (legal requirement for most countries!) or carts that reflect the actual price of someone's purchase. Nice :roll:
  14. Cheers ysco! Thanks for the reply Rocky. Expect some cash first thing in the morning.
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