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  1. I have been working on updating this client's existing cart for what seems like forever and it's been one thing after another. I am at the home stretch where there are TWO major issues glaring and one of them is relating to the Prestashop core and I can not find the answers. I have the UPS shipping module and a tax rule enabled. Shipping should calculate the UPS rates based on weight and location of delivery Taxes should associate a CT tax if the buyer is from CT and an NC tax if the buyer is from NC. (both of these things work fine in 1.4) Right now what happens: At checkout, the prices returned from UPS are the same no matter which state you choose as the delivery address (whether via carrier compare OR the customer's address book). The one important thing I noticed is if you increase the QTY of a product (thus increasing the weight in the cart) the UPS calculated price goes up. This is important because it tells me it is directly related to the location of the shipment and not the weight. The taxes do not calculate at all which tells me the rules are not triggering based on the location of the buyer. I have tried a number of different more simplified rules and none of them work. I looked in the DB and matched the state ID number with the tax rule and the tax rule with the tax rule group and so on and I saw absolutely no difference. Any help is HUGELY appreciated.
  2. Devilsown - Just an FYI, I had worked with and hired another dev to come up with a plugin to include this functionality. The lead dev is going to publish it on Github. I'll come back and post a link when it's ready.
  3. Before 1.5 i was using a plugin called Orlique Order Manager which basically covered the functionality of the back office order creation now existing in the 1.5 core. One major flaw in the Prestashop Core version is that you can not override, edit, or manually create a shipping cost to add to an order. This is an absolute must for my store and as I have been reading online, it a must for other store owners as well, as there are at least THREE bugs reported in the repo and a number of forum posts. It seems that it was previously supposed to be a feature but has since been removed? Can we please get a status on this? http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-1427?focusedCommentId=73724#comment-73724
  4. You can install any modules you want to BUT you should know that often there are conflicts with modules that have not been tested with your current version. That being said, install the ones you want and go through and test thoroughly before launching and you will be fine.
  5. When I had version 1.4.X i had a module that allowed me to enter products in the back office. Now, Prestashop 1.5.X has the ability built in but there are some features missing. Specifically, I need to be able to manually enter a shipping fee to an order. My thinking was to create a carrier that only is triggered if the order is being entered by an admin that, instead of showing the value, shows a form field that the administrator fills out. In my mind, this could work either within the actual shipping module as described above, or it can actually be a separate field much like the "handling fee" field is in the back office order creation screen where you can simply add an arbitrary fee to any order you are entering. Any thoughts on this? Does something like this already exist?
  6. I did not see that UPS Carrier came with my install of Prestashop, where can you download?
  7. Ok so after a bunch of tweaking of the settings, I was able to get the delivery methods to display. I had to delete and resetup the UPS module and now it works. GREAT! I have encountered some new questions which I will create a new topic for .. thanks?
  8. OOh ok I have some movement now. It seems that my template did not have the best code for so what I did was I looked at the code that the default template used and plugged it into my template and now I am no longer getting that error.. HOWEVER I have now uncovered a LARGER more frustrating one. Help is hugely appreciated: I have my UPS carrier show in my carrier section underneath the "cart summary" which is expected. When I select a carrier and "UPDATE CART" nothing happens to the total. I can even see MY addresses listed below If I click "next" to move on to the shipping area of the checkout I am still presented with "no carriers deliver to this address ** note that I have also tried this with the default PS theme files in place as well.
  9. Ok I looked in the DB and I found that the country_id associated with the states did not match the ID of the actual country it should be associated with, so I fixed that. I am, however, still getting the same error as described initially. I opened the file in question, and at line 679, there is NOTHING http://pastebin.com/s3eT2vgj
  10. When I go to the next page in the checkout where you tell it where you want to ship, my address and such displays just fine.. I can then select my delivery address.. HOWEVER, when I then go to the final page to select a carrier it says there is no such carrier for my location!
  11. I was hoping that the new manual order system would negate my need for a plugin but it seems like there are some issues I can not get around. I have upgraded from 1.4.3 to and when I go to create a new order manually I have issues with both the shipping and the tax. When I move to the front end I am getting this error on checkout: Notice: Undefined index: city, in /home/.........../cache/smarty/compile/5e/04/02/5e040272cdbaa4a43a5edb2938344dd63528dd75.file.shopping-cart.tpl.php on line 679
  12. I tried to implement this fix and I get the following errors: Notice: Use of undefined constant PS_COL_IMG_DIR - assumed 'PS_COL_IMG_DIR' in /home/bscdevel/public_html/wirerackdemo/shop/controllers/front/ProductController.php on line 390
  13. I am running my upgrade and I found exactly the same problem. I have checked my permissions for the folder AND the files and loosened them up to be completely open just for testing scenarios. Still getting these errors.
  14. Has there been any movement on this project? I am pretty desperate for a script like this that moves products and orders/customers. I am going to be tweaking it just to see if I can get this to work (better than starting from scratch) fernandokerber - that file structure was actually given to me by the default 1.5.4install which resulted in broken images. It may not have anything to do with this script.
  15. Hi there, I am working on a wordpress / prestashop bridge of some sort and I was wondering if anyone has any idea how I would get the current cart information to display outside of the default prestashop install. Basically I want to include it in a widget on my WordPress install. My goal is to basically use WordPress for EVERYTHING except for displaying products and managing orders, so all content management will come from an actual CMS versus a cart's version of a CMS. I just want to not loose the cart data as they switch between the two
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