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  1. You rename _tools.php in /override/classes and enable some debug feature, just rename or delete it.
  2. Thanks, it's very good. I use firefox, seems html5 upload can not work.
  3. A module of prestashop, display the order's product name and customer address(just city, state and country) in your left or right column. It's have 3 dispaly mode: auto, fake date and mixed. Auto is default setting, which can display the real orders in database. If your shop dont have so much orders, fake data mode can display orders you added below. Mixed will display 2 mixed data. Also, it's have options to dispaly how many orders do you want do display. Project home page http://phpskill.com/prestashop-shard-modules/71-recent-orders.html
  4. Bug found in firefox, if you install the original google gears (downloaded from gears.google.com), sometime firefox will be shut down. I find a plugin of firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/13492/, i am not find any problem. Please try this.
  5. Hi, guys, demo on http://show.phpskill.com/prestashop/, refresh you will see the order will be change.
  6. Can you tell me your system configuration? I test it in my server(linux), it's good.
  7. Thanks, it's just detect the value of HTTP_HOST and response 301 status code.
  8. I upload a new file to http://code.google.com/p/prestagears/downloads/list, please try it.
  9. Sorry, i change some code, please use this version prestagears.zip
  10. Please click "Regenerate“ button to generate a new manifest.json file. If still donot have this file, please check the permissions of module folder.
  11. I already upload new version, and update the wiki on google code. Thank you use this module.
  12. Hi, guys, Sorry, it is my bad. This is my first module, i will publish next version soon to make it better. google gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications This module use google gears local store function to store all your website resources, so you page load speed will be very fast.
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