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  1. Indeed weird... I now also can;t see it.. I found this link: https://github.com/PrestaShop/productcomments Weird that one day I see and install it on my test side the other it is gone. . Regards, Frans
  2. Hi @SebboLai Dis you make sure to write productcomments (1 word). Please keep in mind it will show a Presta Module called Product Comments This is how I found it to work Regards, Frans
  3. Hi SebboLai, Is your shop on 1.7.6? I think that is a must. Regards, Frans
  4. Thanks @Janett I found it. I had a browser cache issue. Looking forward to try it. Do you use it? Regards, Frans
  5. Yes then I find many when I look for products and comments. Are you referring to a specific module as I see many I'm just wonder if there is something native in 1.7.6 as why else would they mention the following under the header: So, what's new in version 1.7.6?: Conversion New feature: Customers Reviews Regards, Frans
  6. Hallo! In de volgende link spreek Prestashop van de nieuwe optie: Klant reviews. https://www.prestashop.com/en/blog/prestashop-1-7-6 Ik heb overal gezocht maar kan niets vinden. Ook niet in mijn testshop die ik geüpgraded heb naar 1.7.6. Kan mij iemand verder helpen? Groet, Frans
  7. Dear all, I hope I did not misplace this post! In the following link you can see that Prestashop has a new feature: Customer reviews. https://www.prestashop.com/en/blog/prestashop-1-7-6 I have tried finding info about this. So far nothing My testshop runs on 1.7.6 and there I also do not find any options. Is there somebody who can point me to the right direction please? Kind regards, Frans
  8. I would have the complexity that if they go to the French site I would still not know if they are going to order for France or Belgium. German speakers could be for Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria Switzerland and even north Italy. Not to mention English speaking... but i now understand your dilemma. Frans
  9. I see what you mean. I would still handle it in 1 site as I still think it is not allowed. Hiding the shipping fee till the checkout might be the best. Honestly i never had a complaint as I think most customers understand that shipping is different to their countries. Maybe the only way is to hide the field from the templates you use at checkout. Regards, frans
  10. Ok. That is a good point not to show the prices. I still struggle to understand why you would charge a different price to ship to the same location depending on the language of the customer. Never thought of that. What is you reasoning for that? Can you explain? Just out of interest. Regards frans
  11. I’m sorry but why based on language? In that case i can inky think of multi store option and thus different prices. So so let me ask you; if I live in the Netherlands and have my shipping to eg. Amsterdam. Why would I pay a different rate based on the language I speak? Here we speak so many different languages and the browser or geocode is not deciding the language. To be sure, is this what you want: So having a multi shop option you can use the url to land on the “language” you want and have different shipping rates products and stock can be shared amongst the shop. Next to that I’m not 100% sure but it might be illegal to charge more/less shipping to the same location just with a language difference. Isn’t that discrimination? Regards, frans
  12. Hi, do you have a different shop per country? Check my site www.decals4all.eu. Depending the ship to country the rates change. Changing the language does not make a change. What is your site? Regards frans
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