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  1. No, it will not. Don't buy this module.
  2. It is true that this module did nothing except creates a voucher and send to the buyer. This module will not send the voucher code to the receiver. And the amount has to be the same as the product, otherwise, the amount will be lost as the code can only be used once. It is not worth the money ($77) for such useless module. This module should not be called gift card module as it only create a voucher code. That is it. I end up buying this one and I think it is much better. It brought me a lot of business last Christmas http://www.prestastore.com/front-office-features/379-front-office-features-gift-voucher.html
  3. Hello Eihwaz, Thank you very much for all of the great modules. Are you still planning on making these modules?
  4. Sorry, I am lost here. After I download the newest version on post #116, and do I need to make the change on post #1 and #2?
  5. Eihwaz, you are great. This module works like a charm. May I suggest you to change the tilte to News?blog module/mod? This module works great as a blog. I wonder if this module can port a gallery like Coppermine or Gallery2? I am making a website for our church. We sell church music. We also has a section for posting our church activity. We need a gallery to post our pictures, run them as slide shows and let the church members be able to send out the pictures as e-cards. I work for this project for the church voluntaly therefore I am grateful this module is free. Thanks again for the modules.
  6. I used both address you provided and I both got Page not available screen.
  7. array(2) { [0]=> string(32) "cd1a5cf4119d6c8254952edd544d82e7" [1]=> string(32) "0e095799c1e5360b1f2c82c2d5e78a0c" } That is what I got. Are you going to do this for long? If so, I will sit in front of the computer and wait for your instruction and do it for you. Just let me know.
  8. I got this:array(3) { [0]=> string(9) "AdminBlog" [1]=> int(69) [2]=> int(1) }
  9. I have followed the installation step by step, and I got the same error as others do. I am using 1.2.5 and I check my SQ and everything is there. I wonder if you have uploaded all the files?
  10. Thank you for sharing with us. This module only work if the category only have parent level. When the products are in the sub-category, not in the parent category, the module will show Warning: rsort() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/content/xxx//html/mydomain/modules/blocklivefilter/blocklivefilter.php on line 52 and the line 52 is rsort($prices); Do we have any solution for that? Another bug is when my products are more than one page, if my min or max prices are not on that particular page, it will give a page without any products in it.
  11. Sorry Rocky, In case you did not see this post, can you give me some suggestion? Thanks
  12. Hi Rocky, Sorry to just jump into this conversation. I would like to know if there is a way with modifying your hack to do the following. My shipping situation is our shipping are per item base. Every package shipping charge are different. We offer standard weekday, weekend and 5 days shipping. If it is shipped the 2nd date is standard weekend cost, if it is shipping on weekend, it cost $4 fixed additional charge, and if it is shipping 5 business day, it costs 2 to 3 dollars dollars less than the standard cost, and it is depending on the weight of the package. I have set up a wright for each item in the BO. Is there a way I can use your hack to fit my need? Thank you for the help.
  13. Newest, I hope you don't count me as one of "those" people. I sent her email with a powerpoint presentation about love and death to give her some comfort. And she replied me thank you and I told her I love her site and that is how we began the conversation about the menu. I just got the menu from her this morning She told me she only learned programming a year ago. Man, what a smart lady. I just want to make it clear that I am not one of those "guys" as you mentioned here...
  14. She did not want the money. She asked me to donate $30 to Haiti. And I will do it. She told me somebody, she did not says who, sent her muti-emails demanded her to hand over the menu to him as he thinks she uses other's free modules so she has to open source hers. She is not happy about this. So do I . If she wants to sell hers, why is there a problem? And she is not selling her work, but asks us to make a donation to Haiti, I think that is great. She doesn't think she is very good at programming, but I thinks she is. For the websites that she has done, I could not done half as good. I think the person who did this to her should be shame of what he did....
  15. I have seen a lot of Prestashops has a security box in the bottom of the contract us form. Customers have to entire a word to be able to submit the form. Where do I turn this function on? I check my back office and there is no where that I can find this function. Can somebody please tell me how and where to switch the security box on? Thanks.
  16. Where can you find this full plugin? Is it selling anywhere? I am willing to pay for it. Can you show me the link? Did you find the link? I don't know what link or where it is selling for the plug in. I search for the entire forum and google the topic and found nothing. But I got it from Star, she made hers.
  17. I was wrong and I edit my post above. Sorry. Can the module set up if the products do not have features or attributes, and it will show a message to tell the customers that there is nothing to compare with?
  18. This module doesn't work. It only compare price. That is it..... [edit] I was wrong. I did not know how this module works. And I choose the products that have features and it works.
  19. What does anything this thread to do with filterby by tomerg3 ? Are they the same company, that is what you mean? You mean they are the same product but with different names? Or you mean one product is better than the other product and they are produced by the same company, made by the same person? Or you mean this product replaced the filterby and the filterby is better than this one? Are you recommending the filterby? I see a lot of threads saying the 1.25 has a lot of bugs, but I am using it and I think it is fine. Should I downgrade it to 1.1 so that I can use the old version of filterby module that you are talking about? I don't see they are selling filterby anywhere in this company. How can I see the old version of Filterby? Do I need to make a special request or something to see the ode version? Or is the filterby a discontinue item?
  20. Where is the free download link? I only see the paid module.....
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