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  1. Hi i add a product and put the correct taxes on prestashop backend but on frontend show the price without taxes, i want the price on frontend with the taxes included. (See the screenshots)
  2. Hi i am just adding the first product with a tax of 23%, when i have lets say 1000 products with a tax of 23% and my country change the tax to 22% how i change to all products? Cheers
  3. Hi no, something like i have on first post. Choices with checkbox
  4. Ok so is not possible to have green on some products and red on others and yellow on others. Only is possible use one color for all. Right? Cheers
  5. But this change all colors of availability to red right? Instead of green like now become all red right?
  6. Hi nemo, so in prestashop backend dont have options to change the color right? Only changing the code is possible?
  7. Hi i want to delete some links on sitemap page below "our offers" section like "top sellers" and "New products" and "promotions".
  8. Hi its possible to change the product availability color, i would like to choose green to products in stock and yellow to products that take 2 days to become availability etc. Cheers
  9. Ok but that way the image will lost the trans+arency since when we have an image jpeg the image lost their transparency that format png have
  10. Hi but if i upload by ftp i have to replace the exist one that is in Jpeg (that isnt transparent) and for that i have to match the grey color around the images... Cheers
  11. If i had a new it works but update the original dont work.
  12. Hi i already try jped and png also but the image dont update in frontend, i already turn of cache in smarty options but dont work. (PS - 1.5.4) Cheers
  13. Should i Put [solved] at the beggining or at the end of heading. (Its the first time i do this) Cheers
  14. I change in: /public_html/mysite/modules/favoriteproducts/views/templates/hook/my-account.tpl
  15. Hi perfumeshunk thanks for reply, i change the 3 ´my favorite products.´ below and none of them change on frontend. <li class="favoriteproducts"> <a href="{$link->getModuleLink('favoriteproducts', 'account')|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{l s='My favorite products.' mod='favoriteproducts'}"> {if !$in_footer}<img {if isset($mobile_hook)}src="{$module_template_dir}img/favorites.png" class="ui-li-icon ui-li-thumb"{else}src="{$module_template_dir}img/favorites.png" class="icon"{/if} alt="{l s='My favorite products.' mod='favoriteproducts'}"/>{/if} {l s='My favorite products.' mod='favoriteproducts'} </a> </li>
  16. Hi i change the words but dont work. Do you know why? Cheers
  17. Hi i already translate everything on contact form except subject head options "Webmaster""Customer support" And the words when you select one of them like if you choose Webmaster it says below " If a technical problem occurs on this website" If you choose customer suppot it says below " For any question about a product, an order" Cheers
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