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  1. Hi i put your code below my line and it works. Thats the correct way right?
  2. Hi my code is: $products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 10)); Where i put your piece of code ($products=array_reverse($products) in my code? Thanks
  3. Hi i am using the module featured products. But when i add a new product, the product is displayed in last but the correct should be that the new product were displayed in first place not in the last, how can i put new products to be displayed in the beginning of the list... Thanks
  4. Olá, tenho o modulo de produtos em destaque activado com cerca de 30 produtos. O que acontece é que quando adciono um novo produto, ele é adicionado em ultimo lugar dos 30 em vez de ser adicionado em 1 lugar. Dá para inverter isto? Gostaria que quando adicionar um produto novo, esse produto vá para o 1 lugar da fila para ter destaque para os visitantes e não aparecer em ultimo da lista onde é mais dificil ver
  5. Hi i am with a fresh installation of prestashop and i want to upgrade to but it says my 1-click upgrade module has a new version (1.1.7) but when i click on the button "update", the module dont update and i stay with the version 1.1.3. Anybody know why? Thanks
  6. Hi i am testing pscleaner and i want to know how often should i use check and fix option. Thanks
  7. On Email templates translate after: "Module Emails List of emails in the folder "modules/name_of_module/mails/pt/" " i save but the changes dont take effect, i save and save but my changes dont take effect. Anybody know why? Thanks
  8. Boas, mas se eu tenho 3 grupos por exemplo: Grupo 1, Grupo 2 e Grupo 3 e agora quando alguem se regista vai para o grupo 1, mas eu quero que quando alguém se regista vá diretamente para o grupo 2, onde posso mudar a opção? Cumps
  9. Boas, quando alguém se regista no site vai para o meu grupo numero 3, onde se escolhe que grupo o novo usuáriodeve ficar quando se regista? Abraço
  10. Hi pascal i create a folder called mails and inside create a folder pt and it saves now. But shouldt prestashop work correct on this matter and save without users do nothing? Is there a chance of by creating this folder that prestashop dont work correctly on emails area? Thanks
  11. Hi same issue here, Ipow do you already can translate body? Should i copy the folder "mail" like you said? Because bad english i dontknow how balutten fix the issue... Cheers
  12. Hi when i try to edit the emails and save it says :Cannot write language file for email subjects. Path is: /home/b22c/public_html/mysite/themes/default/mails/pt/lang.php I check and that folder ...mails/pt/lang.php dont exist. Anyone know what to do? Cheers
  13. Hi i am adding combinations to a product, I have a computer and i want to add the option to the user to choose if he want the computer with monitor or without and with 4GB ram or 8GB ram and the respective increase in price. When i go to the frontend and see the product, the combination with monitor or without work and increase the price but when i change 4GB ram to 8GB ram the price dont change. As you can see below i put a value to increase price on the ram but the price dont change when i change the ram. Anybody know why, isnt possible to add more than 1 combination to increase and decrease price as we want? Cheers
  14. Hi i already see on other prestashop installations that when i open a product below are "Products of the same category" but now i click on one product and the others products od the same category arent displayed. Do you know what module handle this? Cheers
  15. Solved. On customers groups i choose "Show price with taxes" but it seems that translation to portuguese is wrong, so "Show price with taxes" is in reality "Show price without taxes". So i choose "Show price without taxes" and the prices are displayed with taxes !!! Cheers
  16. Hi i found that this happens when on SEO & Url options on backend i add a www to my url, if i remove the www, the layout become correct again. Is there an option to add the www and that theme stay correct? Is this a bug? Cheers
  17. Hi its just install a fresh installation of and after upgrade to the theme header become with error. (Seescreenshot below) On one click upgrade module before update i check the options "Upgrade theme, email and Disable non-native modules" As you can see the search field go from the middle to the left, an error on layout. After that i restore to and the theme is correct again: And if i upgrade again to gives the same error on theme header
  18. Boas, quando adiciono um produto, ponho o preço que me sai no fornecedor, depois ponho o preço + a minha margem e escolho a taxa 23%. O prestashop faz a conta e dá-me por baixo o preço correcto com Iva, mas no site aparece o produto sem IVA, alguém sabe porque? Tenho as taxas de origem do prestashop de portugal. Cumps
  19. Hi just dont work,i create a new tax, then a new tax rule, then i add my country to that tax. This should work unless is there an option deactivated in other place on backend. As you can see on first post prestashop aplly the taxes to the product but on frontend is diplayed without the tax... I dont know why...
  20. Anyone? I need to display my prices with taxes on frontend and right now it shows without. Cheers
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