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  1. Hi, when we click on a category and the products are displayed, they appear in grid format by default. Its possible to put list view by default? I am talking about new theme of prestashop 1.6. Thanks
  2. Hi, i think its not the same thing, i need two prices like Store: 22dls Online: 19Dls
  3. Hi Vekia, i go to modules/homeslider/homeslider.css but i cant find the code you say... Where i can find the code above? Thanks Also on themes/default-bootstrap/css/modules/homeslider i cant find your code...
  4. Hi, i want to upgrade my store but since it have some issues with new template, i will build a new one from zero and add the product. Is there any way to maintain my prestashop 1.5 shop online on my actual adress and start to build other prestashop 1.6 and when finish put on the adress of actual prestashop 1.5? Thanks
  5. Hi i want the red color but if you tell me how to do also the blue color i will learn with joy
  6. Hi i dont want the right columm, just want categories on left side and slide module on right side of categories, want to expand the slider to the right side...
  7. Hi i restore my old site and will try upgrade again in next few days...
  8. Hi i want that sliders banners of 1.6 fill the top of the homepage... Thanks
  9. Hi after upgrade from 1.5 to 1.6 my layout of new theme is not ok. 1 - The logo, quick search and cart are not alligned 2 - How can i put less space bettwen articles? 3 - The categories arent allignes with products Thanks
  10. Moved to http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/321819-layout-issues-prestashop-16/
  11. Hi Paulito thats it Thanks. One alst question, Is there a change of prestashop show the date of promotion in the product page? To customers know when promotion ends? Thanks
  12. Hi i want for example create a promotion od one product to start 15 June and end 30 June. Is there a way/option to do this? Thanks Prestashop 1.6
  13. Hi, someone know a module that allow put 2 prices on each products? Price online and price on store. Thanks Prestashop 1.6
  14. Hi, i have 3 languages, i change the language of the one employee and back to Localization/languages and try to change the default language to the employee language but it says You cannot change the status of the default language. Where i can change the default language? Thanks
  15. My question is for the second image, but if you could tell me also where to edit the 1 image i appreciate. Thanks
  16. I use the default theme and i am talking about main categories, the default is black color and i want to change to other color and if possible, increase the font size. I use
  17. Hi i ant to change categories font size, color and style. I think i edit all this in same file, right? Thanks
  18. Changing the code work for me and i use it for about 1 month but i note that some of my products were never displayed. If i want to display lets say 28 products ramdomly i just check the category home, or i can displayed ramdomly by category... Very happy with this module... I note that some products that werent displayed with changing the code are now displayed...
  19. Boas, já não me lembro muito bem mas acho que resolvi ao ir ás definições dos preços e ecolhi "apresentar preços sem iva". Acho que o prestashoptem esse bug que se escolhermos para apresentar os preços com iva, ele vai apresentar sem iva, por isso escolhe apresentar os preços sem iva que deve resolver...
  20. I want to know if is there a way or plugin that choose like 30 products every day randomly and add them to my featured products list on homepage, Because right now i have to select one by one and add to the list of featured products and every day doing this i lost a lot of time, I need prestashop to choose for me like 30 from my 1000 products every day randomly and add them automatically to my featured products...
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