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  1. Hi Vekia, i cant find the code you say on the adress you gave... (Controllerts/admin/AdminController.php)
  2. Hi, i use prestashop
  3. Hi, i just create a new customer group, now i have the 3 prestashop have and one more i created. My question is that when i add a new product or category the 3 prestahop default groups have a checkbox but the new one dont, so this way, on a future product i will forgett to check my new group... Is there a way of my new group also become checked automatically like the others 3? Thanks
  4. That right Vekia, its there a way of the products and the other modules below like facebook block, custom block etc extend automatically to left column when there is available space?
  5. Hi, i have only categories block on the left column so i would like that featured products move to left column when categories block ended and exist free space... Its possible? Thanks
  6. Because i cant upgrade my shop from 1.5 to 1.6 because useless 1 click upgrade from prestashop (Too many errors on new theme) i have 2 options: Scenario 1 - I delete the content and database on server of my "example.com" site and install there a new site and start to add the products one by one as soon as i can. Scenario 2 - I build a new shop on a subdomain like "test.example.com" and after i add the 500 products i have i delete the content and database on server of my "example.com" and move the folders of "test.example.com" to "example.com" and then change the url on back office Is this the same thing? Because if is the same thing i prefer to use the scenario 2 because allow me prepare the site and only when its ready i could move them to my online domain "example.com". Thanks
  7. Hi, the theme is always the default, on 1.5 and 1.6. I will try to do this in the phpmy admin. I go to phpmy adim - database of my 1.5 site and choose custom export and then export what? All categories and products tables? Thanks
  8. Hi, if i upgrade using the 1 click upgrade module the theme become full of errors, if i try upgrading like you say export/import the new site display dozens of categories cloned, Maybe export products directly from database and import to 1.6 database be the right way... Its on phpmyadmin that i do that? Thanks
  9. My site is example.com, then i create a subdomain on test.example.com and install 1.6 there and create some products, after that i delete the content of example.com and upload the content from teste.example.com to example.com but when i go to example.com, it redirects to teste.example.com
  10. Hi, i want to export from 1.5 and then import on 1.6
  11. Hi where i can decrease the size of the text and top menu? (Presta 1.6) Thanks
  12. Hi, someone know how to put categories on top lef side of slider? Thanks
  13. Hi where i can edit the emails content like when a user register and receive an email of the registration... Thanks
  14. Hi, just to ask where i change the height but i think that its all about upload the iimage with the height we want... Thanks Anyway
  15. Hi Dioniz, it work thanks. Just other question: its possible to show only lets say 50 characters and after that hide?
  16. Hi, is there a way or module that put a little discription below the tittle on the home featured products like prestashop 1.5 does? On 1.6 only show the tittle...
  17. Just one question, after i update lets say from to and choose to update the theme also, this settings dissapear and i have to do it again right? Thanks
  18. List give us details about the product, grid is like we see on featured products on homepage, just show the title, thats why list should be the default
  19. That code dont exist on the adress you say, i just change the max-width on back office/modules/homeslider and its possible only change the width, not the height...
  20. Since the creator of this module dont answer since last year i want to know if he still gives support after buying the module... Or someone know one module like this? Thanks
  21. Prestashop should create a free export module to users that dont have sucess in upgrading prestashop. This way users can create a new site with latest prestashop versions and move products to the new site... What happen now to users who cant upgrade to 1.6 because of many errors when upgrading?
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