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  1. Hi, i see now. I was confuse between languages and countries.Thanks
  2. Hi, where i find the options of your screenshot above? Thanks
  3. Any idea to add more countries? Only show these ones...
  4. Hi my admin take about 50 seconds to load on every admin page... Any idea? The website work fast...
  5. Hi, when i try to create a new account on my website, in the field of the country only show 6 country´s, where i can add all available in the options? Thanks
  6. Olá, Qual é o endereço para a área de administrador para iniciar sessão para gerir o site? Precisava de editar coisas no site mas não sei como vou para área de admin. Obrigado
  7. Hi i want the client pay the paypal taxes if he choose to pay by paypal but i dont know how to configure that... Thanks
  8. Hi, search on the theme translation but cant find that text, Where is the core you say to look? Thanks
  9. Hi, it works... But how can i fix this to use normally? Thanks
  10. Hi, i dont change the options as you can see in the screenshot. Thanks
  11. Hi, i am testing the payments modes and now i am using wire payment module but on the last page with the information of the order i get text in other languages... I see on tranlations of the module but dont find that text to translate. Anyone say where i can tranlate that? Thanks
  12. Hi, i cant send emails, i am testing and give an error "an error occur when sending the message". I dont change any standart configuration so i dont know why is not sending messages... Thanks
  13. Hi, i configure photoshop for first use but i am testing an order now but dont have payment methods... I configure the bank account transffer but dont show on the payment methods... Its empty as you can see on image below.... Any idea? Thanks
  14. Hi, i make a text on a page, click on enter 3 times to give some space between lines and save, thats ok... But there is no space on the website page... Any idea? Below you can see the page inside admin and the other on the site dont have the spaces... Thanks
  15. Hi, when i change language on homepage there are things that prestashop dont translate like categories and some menus on the bottom... Is there a way to translate categories and those menus also? This way user when access the site dont understand the categories... Thanks
  16. Hi, how to edit the number of products to display in a category... I have 100 products in a category but only display 10 at a time... I need to display about 20 at a time... Thanks
  17. Hi, someone tell me where i can edit/remove this 2 words in the shopping cart summary? Thanks
  18. I remove the lines you say and work. Thanks
  19. Thanks for your answer... Before i touch the code i want to try your settings options... But i cant find the "display tax label - Turn off"... Thanks
  20. Hi, i want to remove the word "no taxes" from the product page. How can i do that? Thanks
  21. Hi, when i click on the "see all the products" on the bottom of featured products instead of show all the products, show a 404 page... Its a fresh installation... Thanks
  22. Hi i need the categories on homepage left side. But when i activate the categories left side the 4 columns product become only 2 with an empty space on the right side, i need to display 3 columns of products to homepage become filled...
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