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  1. Hi Adrenalin, i have found the solution in this topic (French forum): http://www.prestashop.com/forums/index.php?/topic/257799-bloc-categorie-supprimer-bouton-plus-lien/unread/ A big thanks to cupidon4040! The changes are not on tpl files or in the BO, but in the treeManagement.js and in the global.css files. This is how the treeManagement.js should be: //add growers to each ul.tree elements $('ul.tree.dhtml ul').prev().removeAttr('href'); $('ul.tree.dhtml ul').prev().addClass('grower OPEN'); //dynamically add the '.last' class on each last item of a branch $('ul.tree.dhtml ul li:last-child, ul.tree.dhtml li:last-child').addClass('last'); //collapse every expanded branch $('ul.tree.dhtml a.grower.OPEN').addClass('CLOSE').removeClass('OPEN').parent().find('ul:first').hide(); $('ul.tree.dhtml').show(); //open the tree for the selected branch $('ul.tree.dhtml .selected').parents().each( function() { if ($(this).is('ul')) toggleBranch($(this).prev(), true); }); toggleBranch( $('ul.tree.dhtml .selected'), true); //add a fonction on clicks on growers $('ul.tree.dhtml a.grower').click(function(){ toggleBranch($(this)); }); //mark this 'ul.tree' elements as already 'dynamized' $('ul.tree.dhtml').addClass('dynamized'); $('ul.tree.dhtml').removeClass('dhtml'); } }); In the global.css file, just remove this code: #categories_block_left li .OPEN, #categories_block_left li .CLOSE { display:block; float:right; margin:10px 10px 0; height:9px; width:9px; background:url(../../../modules/blockcategories/img/icon/open-close.png) no-repeat 0 -9px; background-color:#fd0612; cursor:pointer } #categories_block_left li .CLOSE {background-position:0 0} To make this perfect, i just need to know how to make the expanded categories close when i click in another one. And how to change the color of the selected one. If someone could give a hand with this, i'll be gratefull!!! cheers,
  2. Bonjour cupidon4040, je vous remercie pour votre excellent travail, j'ai essayé cette solution un certain temps, et n'a trouvé aucune réponse. Je ne suis pas très bon avec les Français (Merci à Google Translator), et la programmation n'est pas mon fort, donc, j'ai quelques questions. Vous savez ce qu'il faut pour ferme la catégorie étendu, lorsque vous cliquez sur une autre? Déjà maintenant, comment puis-je modifier le css pour changer la couleur de la catégorie sélectionnée? Encore une fois, merci! salutations, CSilva
  3. até nem acho, porque ao clicar, o menu iria expandir automaticamente, até chegar ás sub-categorias de produtos, e aí sim, abriria a página com a lista de produtos. Ao menos que ao clicar na categoria, carregasse uma página com todos os produtos (da categoria), e não uma página com a lista de sub-categorias. obrigado pela atenção, cumpts,
  4. My laptop is using 1920x1080 resolution, and i'm using the browsers with zoom on 125%, so i've noticed that the slideshow module that comes with prestashop, is not working properly, displaying a part of the following image, successively. Does anyone knows how to solve this issue? There's an attached picture that shows how the images are displayed. thanks, PS: The same happens with Manufacturer Logo Slider module...
  5. Viva CarlosC, obrigado pelo seu post, mas não sei se percebi! O objetivo não é desativar categorias, mas fazer que clicando nelas, estas expandam (como ao clicar no "+"), mostrando as sub-categorias, em vez de abrir uma página com a lista de sub-categorias. Apenas as sub-categorias com produtos, irão abrir a página com a lista de produtos, ao clicar. cumpts,
  6. Does anyone knows a addon or module that allows me to do something like this? There's an atached picture that shows an example of what i want! thanks,
  7. Alguém sabe como alterar o funcionamento do menu Categorias, por forma a que em vez de clicar no "+" e "-" para mostrar/expandir as sub-categorias, baste clicar na categoria (removendo os símbolos "+" e "-"? Outra coisa que eu queria, era apenas abrir as páginas com produtos, removendo os links para a lista de sub-categorias, que aparece quando clicamos na categoria! PS: tem uma imagem com um exemplo... Obrigado,
  8. I think the changes must be on the file 'category-tree-branch.tpl' (located in yourshop/modules/blockcategories), but i'm not sure where. I've found a post that says it is on the line: {$node.name|escape:htmlall:'UTF-8'} Does anyone knows what are the necessary changes, so the parent categories simply expand to show the subcategories when clicked, and the subcategories work as links to the product list page? To hide the "+" and "-" button, i know it's necessary to remove or comment the following classes, on the file 'global.css', located in yourshop/themes/default/css/: #categories_block_left li .OPEN, #categories_block_left li .CLOSE { display:block; float:right; margin:10px 10px 0; height:9px; width:9px; background:url(../../../modules/blockcategories/img/icon/open-close.png) no-repeat 0 -9px; background-color:#fd0612; cursor:pointer } #categories_block_left li .CLOSE {background-position:0 0} I will be gratefull for any help with this changes!
  9. Anyone??? Here is an example of the effect i want, with jQuery! No one knows how can i make this changes on the Prestashop categories block (default template)? Accordion Menu in jQuery
  10. I've also tried to add a different color when a category/subcat is selected, with the code .categories_block_left li:active { background-color:#fddd04;} , on global.css (block categories), but it didn't worked out. Does anyone knows how to make this work? thanks,
  11. I added the button "confirm my order" with the code i found on payment_execution.tpl <p class="cart_navigation"> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="{l s='Confirmar Encomenda' mod='cheque'}" class="exclusive_large" style="float:left;margin-left:95px;" /> </p> Now it works ok, i only need to make some adjustments with the "payment method" on orders history, so the option cheque doesn't appear! Hope this can be usefull to someone! ;-)...
  12. Hi Pascal, i just need that the stock (availability) information displayed on the products list of a category (or sub-category), coincides with the information of the availability on the product page! If i can make this work, it will be perfect for me! ;-) thanks,
  13. The checkout steps will be something like this: Summary-->Authentication-->Address-->Shipment-->Confirmation (in this step i'll use the payment by cheque option as a "Confirm my order" option. thanks,
  14. If you mean the ability to open the page with the list of subcats, that's exactly what i want!
  15. I think i may have solved the faces problem, i've changed the height on rightcolumn.tpl, and it seems ok now! I'm going to make some more tests to see if it stays ok! thanks,
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