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  1. many time this question been asked, but i did not found any answer solving this question. Q how to enable product comments without user registration. ( visitors can comment on product with out getting membership ) thanks in advance.
  2. sorryy.... my file attachment is not working at the moment
  3. ok this is the file you required... product.tpl good luck !
  4. my product.tpl file will disturb your shop due to a lot changes in it,,, btw, all code is shown as i added here, no problem at all if you follow my instructions. try it or tell me if you need the original file of mine..
  5. today i was looking for the social bookmarking button to add with each of my product page. so finaly i done this job on my site.. live demo. http://www.mobilereviews.us HOW to: open your product.tpl file under your theme directory. find this {l s='View full size'} Add after <!-- AddThis Button BEGIN --> [removed][removed] <!-- AddThis Button END --> you can add your own user id at **** place, or add any code you like to add the bookmarking button... thansk and regards
  6. *** DONE *** mission completed thanks for your guide line. i simply comment out the codes related to the buttons..
  7. i just notice that these buttons and price tag is also shown in catagory view. i want to remove these also, so pleas suggest me to do this. thanks
  8. i am not using PS for sell any thing just for product reviews... today i add the product as featured product, and there are 2 buttons, and a line for product price.. snapshot is attached.. i want to remove the ADD to cart button and PRICE tag under the product details in featured items box and home page. pleas assist me to remove these thanks in advance. my site is http://www.mobilereviews.us
  9. Hey Hrvojeee this thread is marked SOLVED, i recomment to start new one with your own question for better responce. regards...
  10. hello again i am running prestashop for ONLY reviews, not selling any thing i am here to ask about the product page title... so when i setup my site with PS, i add the "Mobile Phone Reviews" as title of the index page, and then in Tags section in CP i add the index.php title "mobilreviews.us" and now the index page of the site "Mobilereviews.us | Mobile Phone Reviews" and when i create the product page, with tile " Product Name " the only product name appear on product page, so i want to know how i can add the any part of the home page title with product page title, or static title with dynamic titles of the product pages... i hope you understand my issue.. my site is http://mobilereviews.us
  11. You are the STAR Rocky... perfect perfect perfect 100% same as like i want.. love prestashop, love the SUPPORT team..
  12. thanks you so much... it works as i want is there any way to add the advertisement banner box at the same place?
  13. i am using PS for my mobile phone reviews, and not using it to sell the items on my site.. so i want to remove all shopping system from my site, so now i am here to ask some help to remove ADD TO CART box from product page.. my site is http://mobilereviews.us a screen shot is attached for reffernce. thanks in advance.
  14. i want to use ADSENSE or similar adnetworks. and found the FreeBlock module . its nice... i want to use it on multi locations having different codes in it. any guide to use it on multi locations with multi codes.. or any other way to use ads on PS thanks in advace
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