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  1. When i have products in stock.I see: 5 items for example. But when the products are out of stock i see nothing..I would like to see that: this product is out of stock.. Why i don't see anything and how can i see it (this product is out of stock)..?
  2. I have this choice that you told me.I don't have any problem with Add cart.The Add cart works perfect..The only problem is that doesn't appear that my product is no longer in stock..I want this to seem in my page.. I think the problem is in product.tpl. in these lines with if states: <div id="product_stock_stat"> <!-- availability --> <p id="availability_statut"{if ($product->quantity <= 0 && !$product->available_later && $allow_oosp) OR ($product->quantity > 0 && !$product->available_now) OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none;"{/if}> <span id="availability_value"{if $product->quantity <= 0} class="warning_inline"{/if}>{if $product->quantity <= 0}{if $allow_oosp}{$product->available_later}{else}{l s='This product is no longer in stock'}{/if}{else}{$product->available_now}{/if}</span> </p> <p id="availability_date"{if ($product->quantity > 0) OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE OR !isset($product->available_date) OR $product->available_date < $smarty.now|date_format:'%Y-%m-%d'} style="display: none;"{/if}> <span id="availability_date_label">{l s='Availability date:'}</span> <span id="availability_date_value">{dateFormat date=$product->available_date full=false}</span> </p> <!-- number of item in stock --> {if ($display_qties == 1 && !$PS_CATALOG_MODE && $product->available_for_order)} <p id="pQuantityAvailable"{if $product->quantity <= 0} style="display: none;"{/if}> <span>(</span><span id="quantityAvailable">{$product->quantity|intval}</span> <span {if $product->quantity > 1} style="display: none;"{/if} id="quantityAvailableTxt">{l s='item'}<span>)</span></span> <span {if $product->quantity == 1} style="display: none;"{/if} id="quantityAvailableTxtMultiple">{l s='items'}<span>)</span></span> </p> {/if} <p class="warning_inline" id="last_quantities"{if ($product->quantity > $last_qties OR $product->quantity <= 0) OR $allow_oosp OR !$product->available_for_order OR $PS_CATALOG_MODE} style="display: none"{/if} >{l s='Warning: Last items in stock!'}</p> </div> <div id="product_reference" {if !$product->reference}style="display: none;"{/if}> <label for="product_reference">{l s='Reference:'} </label> <span class="editable">{$product->reference|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}</span> </div> </div> <!-- Out of stock hook --> <div id="oosHook"{if $product->quantity > 0} style="display: none;"{/if}> {$HOOK_PRODUCT_OOS} </div> {if isset($addThisRender)} <!-- AddThis Social Sharing --> {$addThisRender} {/if} Thank you very much..
  3. Hello,i have the edition Prestashop I would like your help.I would like to show my products Out of stock when i have choosen Allow ordering of out-of-stock products : Υes in Preferences Products . When i choose it,the products that i have in stock seem for example : 5 items and the products that are out of stock seem nothing..I would like to seem that the products are out of stock.. Thank you very much for your help..
  4. Καλησπέρα,έχω την εκδοση Θα ήθελα να μου πει κάποιος αν ξέρει,πως γίνονται να φαίνονται τα προϊόντα μου out of stock οταν έχω επιλέξει την επίλογη Allow ordering of out-of-stock products : Υes στο Preferences Products . Αυτήν την στιγμή δείχνει μόνο τα προϊόντα που είναι in stock ( π.χ 5 item ) και στα άλλα δείχνει κενό αλλά εγω θέλω να δείχνει ότι τα προϊόντα δεν είναι διαθεσιμα. Ευχαριστώ πολύ..
  5. Αν ξέρει καποιος,ας με βοηθήσει.Χρησιμοποιώ αυτον τον κώδικα.(οταν γραφω μονο το ενα if ανεξαρτήτως ποιο είναι αυτο,λειτουργει,οταν τα χρησιμοποιώ και τα 2 μάζι,δεν λειτουργεί.γτ if ($productCount > "0") { while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){ $id_product = $row["id_product"]; $name = $row["p.n"]; $category = $row["cat.n"]; $link_rew = $row["link_rewrite"]; $image_url = $row["id_image"]; $price = number_format($row["price"], 2, ',', ' '); $description = $row["description_short"]; $reduction= number_format($row["reduction"], 2, ',', ' '); $reduction_type = $row["reduction_type"]; $first_number = $price-$reduction; $xmlBody .= ' <Product> <product_id>' . $id_product . ' </product_id> <product_name>' . $name . '</product_name> <category>' . $category . '</category> <product_url>'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/el/' . $id_product .'-'.$link_rew . '.html</product_url> <image_url>' .$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/'. $image_url . '-thickbox_default/' . $link_rew .'.jpg</image_url> <price>' . $first_number . '</price> <brand_name>Xanashop</brand_name> <description> ' . $description . '</description> <in_stock>true</in_stock> </Product>'; } // End while loop if ($productCount1 > "0") { while($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql1)){ $id_product = $row["id_product"]; $name = $row["p.n"]; $category = $row["cat.n"]; $link_rew = $row["link_rewrite"]; $image_url = $row["id_image"]; $price = number_format($row["price"], 2, ',', ' '); $description = $row["description_short"]; $reduction= number_format($row["reduction"], 2, ',', ' '); $reduction_type = $row["reduction_type"]; $xmlBody .= ' <Product> <product_id>' . $id_product . ' </product_id> <product_name>' . $name . '</product_name> <category>' . $category . '</category> <product_url>'.$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/el/' . $id_product .'-'.$link_rew . '.html</product_url> <image_url>' .$_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'].'/'. $image_url . '-thickbox_default/' . $link_rew .'.jpg</image_url> <price>' . $price . '</price> <brand_name>Xanashop</brand_name> <description> ' . $description . '</description> <in_stock>true</in_stock> </Product>'; } // End while loop
  6. Γνωρίζω php,Αν έχεις να μου παραπέμψεις κάποιο link (δηλαδή έχω κάποια βοήθεια,κατι θα μπορεσω να καταφέρω.) Ευχαριστώ πολύ.
  7. H αλήθεια είναι πως θέλω να κάνω export σε όλα μου τα προϊόντα,Θέλω ένα xml αρχείο γιατί μου το ζήτησε μια εταιρία για την προώθηση των προϊόντων μου. Αυτό το module ( Rss products feed ),πως το χρησιμοποιώ και μου φτιάχνει αρχείο xml; Ευχαρίστω και πάλι.
  8. Καλησπέρα, Αρχικά ευχαριστώ για την βοήθεια σου,Θα το δοκιμάσω,μηπως μπορείς να μου δώσεις καποιο link για να το βρω γιατί το ψάχνω και δεν το βρίσκω; Αυτό που θέλω εγώ,είναι ένα αρχείο xml με τα προϊόντα μου. Ευχαριστώ πολύ.
  9. I 'm sorry, I'm not very good at english . I want to have an xml file of my products.For example a file (products.xml) that include all of my products. I find for example the module Export Products that export products to csv. I want something like this that export products to xml.. I believe to understand what i mean.I need help. Thank you very much for your help
  10. i would like to have an xml file of my products. The basic for me is the first one:I want to export my products to xml feed. I would like your help.. Thank you very much..
  11. Hello, I would like to ask,why in xml,there are only 15 products..? Is it possible to have all of my products..? Thank you very much..
  12. Καλημέρα σας, Χρησιμοποιώ την έκδοση Θα ήθελα την βοήθεια σας για την δημιουργία ενός xml feed.Αν υπάρχει κάποιο module που να είναι free. Ευχαριστώ πολύ..
  13. Hello, Firstly i have prestashop I would like someone to help me to do an xml feed for my products..If there is any free module.. Thank you very much..
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