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  1. Pascal, They ADVERTISE a product on a HELP FORUM that does not answer the question. Secondly Presto-Changeo offers NO SUPPORT. So the poster will waste the time of any person who wants a real solution. A company that deals with credit card information and yet has no immediate contact number?????? I for one will stay away as a consumer from any company that uses them.
  2. Every time you upload a file it stays in the list and the drop down just keeps growing. Is there a way to delete?
  3. TO MEG I'd give you mine but, the system does not allow CSV files. shoot me an email at [email protected]
  4. I am trying to upload a cvs file as below: M025/001 Platter, 19 3/4" x 7 1/2" C5S porcelain products are Oven, Microwave, Freezer, and Dishwasher safe. C5S porcelain is long lasting even in the toughest of restaurant environments. High firing temperatures and purity of material offer the benefits of Clarity and Smoothness in glazes that will retain fine looks for many years. Offering classic styling and variety C5S porcelain was Designed by Chefs for Chefs. Lead Free, Cadmium Free and Arsenic Free. C5S porcelain exceeds Federal, European and even California standards. Non-Porous, Difficult to Stain and Easy to Maintain. 19.75 1.75 7.5 61.75 1 61.75 When I upload column three with all the description text shows up blank. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thanks Whisper. Now to figure that out is something beyond my abilities. All of these fixes are almost impossible for someone who is not computer savvy to figure out. However this forum is saving the product.
  6. I do not know what change it made as I do not see it. I did as was posted above change in the Language portion all free shipping references to" = To be confirmed upon confirmation". I also made it say under the carrier portion, by adding my own carrier, "To be determined by carrier". All this does make it so that a customer cannot just click and buy. For me this will work as freight is a big deal. Some items cost more to ship then the the item itself when purchased in small qty. To see my fix go to pistolpetesstore / com
  7. I forgot the --> at the end
  8. DSG: I added the !-- to the code and it wiped out everything on the site. What did I do wrong??
  9. Where do you find these "code" to change?
  10. Thanks for responding. I just downloaded the program on the 4th. So I will assume the current version. Please go to pistolpetesstore.com and look at the flatware photo. Everything is to the side.
  11. Benjamin, Glad someone from PS is reading. However in your own comment you state "a temporary work around". What about an actual fix. And a fix should not cost $400.00. (yes I know its an on going charge) but you need to spend it to get this.
  12. I was just disconnected from Carlos (tech support) EXT 309. (who told me to sign up at $400.00) He had no answer on how to fix.
  13. Dsgnmind, Thanks for the tip. However I still get free shipping link to the carrier. I need the shipping field blank. I to deal with Restaurants and the can order a Walk In that requires installation or a fork that can ship UPS. A 1000 forks and it ship by truck. I have been on hold with PS for the last 28min by Erik. Shipping should not be the killer for this program.
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