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  1. see i want to deiplay my prices on the site,, as ex vat,, then add the vat at checkout so i dont think if i Create a tax percentage thats will work,, that would only show the ( display price as inc vat )
  2. im not breaking the law im showing the prices EX vat, im a wholesale website then when the items are added to the Cart the vat gets added,, the customer pays the VAT> i then pay that to the government> then the customers claims the vat back again,, we only supply to business/trade sales.. can you tell me what to do..?
  3. i run a wholesale website.. can i sell items EX VAT (Tax) then add the Vat at the checkout .? also the items we sell there is 12pcs in each box can i display the price of each item but when a customer click add to Cart the 12pcs adds ( thats 1 Box ) thanks guys please see attached you can see what i mean about the VAT (tax) thats just an example
  4. just say im selling a item for €100 ex tax the item will display price €100 ex vat (tax) but when it gets added to the checkout page the tax (vat) gets added then,.,,. the same as this link,, please click here and add the item to CART and you can see the tax gets added to the chexkout http://bisuteriaymin...ta-y-plata.html thanks
  5. Hey guys i have i own a wholesale B2B website so i need to display all prices ex tax,, but then add them when th how can i do this.. without adding scripts something like this http://bisuteriayminerales.com/pulseras/22-pulsera-de-perlas-cianita-y-plata.html
  6. prestashop 1.5 approve account Hi guys.. i have a website thats wholesale only.. i want to STOP viewing,, like a wall that stops everyone from browsing my site untill they register.. and when they register i need to approve account there account first.. is there anything out there that can do this for me .? something like the regastration page would be the first pages there LOCKED at,,, thanks for your help
  7. ERROR message 1.5 Language 1 / check field msg that is html 1 Language 2 / check field msg that is html 1 Language 3 / check field msg that is html 1 Language 4 / check field msg that is html 1 Language 5 / check field msg that is html 1 Language 6 / check field msg that is html 1 my shop is in English..
  8. Hi I was just wondering if anyone would be kindly enough to tell me how remove total default shipping in the summary cart and cart block which is shown automatically when you put an order in the cart. (So that the summary cart will only show total of products & discount/voucher when applicable and find out about their postage after they log in and put in their address). I found the default shipping cost is misleading when people are ordering from overseas. I hope this makes sense, really appreciate any help, i want it to be the same as picture attached
  9. Hi Guys im thinking of upgrading my PrestaShop to But the question is..!! if u do upgrade will my prestashop modules from the still work on also will my homepage or theme be affected in anyway..? regards thomas 2.bmp
  10. please try help me guys,, i want to try rank up a small bit in google,, (1) can we remove the Length: 257 characters (2) can we edit the HTML (<H1> to <H6> (3) can i automatic remove items out of stock please have a look at my site woorank this tell if i have any problems with the site, http://bit.ly/15daADE
  11. i keep getting Fatal error why is that..?
  12. dose this work with PrestaShop™ ..?
  13. is there any update on this,, i would love this on my website on PrestaShop™
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