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  1. We want to do some tests on the checkout process. Ideally, I'd like to run a test to check everything works correctly after every modification on the development version of our website. We are using Presto Chango Credit Card 1.4.2 module, with PayPal Pro. Is it possible to use a demo account & credit card, that will not actually charge a credit card, and if possible will be marked as TEST in the admin panel? What are the best practices on this subject? Thanks
  2. It happens quite a lot that I get AVR code [N] ("No address or ZIP match") in my admin-panel. I then need to contact the customer and inform him the payment did not go well, and that he should do the payment process again. We get some dropped transactions because of that. How can I display the AVR (specifically, but also CV V and gateway response code could be nice) back to the customer, right after he posted the order? I found this line: $postResponse = curl_exec($request); in validation.php in merchantone module folder, but i'm not sure how I should handle this. Thanks in advance!
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