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  1. Hello raulaguilarv. Did you solved this problem? I am struggling with the same. I was also trying to use this: alert($('#quantity_wanted_'+ idProduct).val()); for debugging purposes, but no alert appeared at all. EDIT: I solved my problem, I hope it will be solution to yours likewise. I have not default theme installed. And this theme has its own ajax-cart.js file located in module catalog. (This theme requires also a couple of modules and one of them is: responsivetopbar. And this topbar has ajax cart, which is handled via responsivetopbar module not, default blockcart). My advice: use totalcomander, or something similar to find all ajax-cart.js or (when you won't find such another file) for phrase: .ajax_add_to_cart_button (for example) in content of your shop files. Maybe you will find out that there is another file which handles adding products to your cart. Hope this would help somebody in trouble.
  2. Czy jest tu jakiś forumowicz korzystający z reklamowanego rozwiązania? Proszę o opinie.
  3. Hello. I am trying to write module which will be used only in back-office (for administration purposes). And I need seperate menu (with submenus) for this module to manage its functionalities. I am not sure if I correctly understand how to manage files in presta. Maybe you could help me? As I understood I should: 1. create a folder mymodule in modules catalogue. 2. in this folder save php file with MyModule class derived from Module base class. MyModule has install uninstall methods in which I can create tables in database, new tabs in back-office menu etc. 3. in mymodule catalogue create: controllers/admin catalogue and place there controllers for menu and submenus. 4. where should I put classes for new menu tabs? Separately in classes catalogue? How to perform installation of such module? (I don't want to force users to copy files on their own) Those new tab-classes should be derived from what base class? I am wondering how to write back-office module which will be consistent with MVC architecture. 'tab classes' are model classes and should be responsible for database queries, right? Forms and tables (visualisation in back-office) is generated by controller classes? Thank you in advance for your time. Cheers, Ania
  4. Hello. First of all: thank you guys for this step by step tutorial how to create new back-office functionality. I followed yours instructions and came across a problem. Maybe you could help me? When I create a tab (Administration --> Menus) whose parent is not 'Home' (but for example: Orders) it is displayed correctly. But if I choose Home as parent for my new tab, it is not appear. For 'big' tabs (which are supposed to have submenus) I have to write module also (and write this module name when creating a tab)? Cheers, Anna
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