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  1. Hi This probably wont be a built in feature but I am looking for a way to hide certain content/products based on a users IP address. I only want certain people to be able to view certain pages based on their country. I have seen sites where they have done something similar by stopping you buy products. Could you let me know if this is possible please ?
  2. Not sure why I would need an addon, Prestashop 1.5 can do it anyway. My question is comparing the multi store features of Prestashop and Magento
  3. I know there are a lot of discussions and search results regarding Magento vs Prestashop but I am struggling to find a comparison between the Multi Store/language features of each. In Prestashop they added the multi-store feature in the latest version so it hasn't been around for as long as Magento but doesn't necessarily mean its worse. The multi store/language features are the deal breaker for me. Could somebody please give me their opinions on both. Also, I have read a lot of reviews stating the SEO features are a lot better than Magento. I plan on hiring a third party SEO company anyway so would this make a difference for me?
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