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  1. In my case, it needs to be when the customer is in the shipping page of the check out process (the products in question are already in the shopping cart).
  2. I'm trying to follow some advice I got but it involve adding some sql queries/tables to the database. I don't have the appropriate module and such (like phpmyadmin) so I need to know how to manually add those queries. Either that or point me to a free version of phpmyadmin (with help on how to install it will most likely come up). Edit: Oh wait. Since I want my new attribute to go into the Product class, the addProductAttribute function in Product.php is the way to go isn't it? If I'm wrong, please speak up.
  3. I appreciate your greatly detailed help. Thanks a lot! I have more questions to ask but since they will no longer have anything more to do with the original topic question and that question has already been answered for me, I will open a new one.
  4. To put things into perspective; A friend of mine has written this piece of code {foreach $smarty.post.customGB as $gb} {$gb}<br/> {/foreach} and it needs to get inserted into a mail template. With the help I got, I found out how to pass in the normal variables into the template but first I need to know how to assign this array to a global variable of my own creation. You mentioned php controller -> $_POST['your_variable'] but I don't know what php controller refers to (there are many controllers and such). I feel like I'm getting really close here.
  5. Okay, here's my next problem: My variable is dynamically-created (hence $smarty.post.customGB) from a form. I don't think my site likes the prospect of referencing ('{cusGB}' => $smarty.post.customGB is definitely not gonna cut it) this so what's a good workaround?
  6. Just the typical inbuilt send method in the Mail.php I believe. Haven't really messed with those kinds of files at all.
  7. Thanks although looking through Mail.php, I wouldn't even begin to know where or how to create the variable. Any tips on doing that though pointing out an example that's in the code would be just as helpful.
  8. This is a 2-part question. First question should be very simple (but hard for a complete beginner like me) and the second is more trickier. I wish to create a function that can change the attributes of the products in my cart (specifically the customized data). 1. I need to know the scope. In which file should I write the function and what other files should I account for when writing it? 2. Is there a good format for writing the function, particularly in how to access the attributes? I hope I can get some help here.
  9. Hi guys, Running 1.4.8 and I was wondering how to display my smarty array (called via $smarty.post.customGB) on an email template. Something like this is easy to retrieve anywhere else but since the template is HTML I need a method. Can anyone help me? If there's anything else you need to know I'll post it. Thanks.
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