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  1. Damn that sounds like it is most likely the correct cause. My customer who could not see the voucher box also didn't have the paypal pay logo on the product pages. So paypal being the cause sounds spot on. I am going to follow up here once i can get my customer to try again after my editing of the code.
  2. I am having the same problem. It seems to me that priority is not taken into account at all. I made a few test vouchers. I have attached a screenshot and listed the priority i have set each voucher to in the back office in red. Does this work correctly for anyone? I am using prestashop
  3. Is there anyone who has any sort of inkling about this? I am stuck trying to figure out what generates that block of javascript that removes the voucher box. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. This is the entirety of the javascript that my customer has in the source code of the (broken) checkout page, that is not present on my (working) checkout page. This is only in the source code: var qty = $('.qty-field.cart_quantity_input').val(); $('.qty-field.cart_quantity_input').after(qty); $('.qty-field.cart_quantity_input, .cart_total_bar, .cart_quantity_delete, #cart_voucher *').remove(); var br = $('.cart > a').prev(); br.prev().remove(); br.remove(); $('.cart.ui-content > a').remove(); var gift_fieldset = $('#gift_div').prev(); var gift_title = gift_fieldset.prev(); $('#gift_div, #gift_mobile_div').remove(); gift_fieldset.remove(); gift_title.remove(); $('#container_express_checkout').hide(); $('#cgv').live('click', function () { if ($('#cgv:checked').length != 0) $(location).attr('href', 'http://seemorebreaks.com/?fc=module&module=paypal&controller=confirm&get_confirmation=1'); }); $('#cgv').click(function () { if ($('#cgv:checked').length != 0) $(location).attr('href', 'http://seemorebreaks.com/?fc=module&module=paypal&controller=confirm&get_confirmation=1'); });
  5. Thanks for the interest in solving this problem guys. I was able to chat with a customer who was unable to see the voucher box today: http://prntscr.com/z8fy2 I got him to take a screen shot of the chrome js console. It was very disconcerting to see that there was NO <form> element at all: http://prntscr.com/z8gd0 as you can see, the <td> element that normally surrounds the form (#cart_voucher) is there, but the form is not. The customer also told me that he IS able to see the voucher box when he used chrome in incognito mode, and also it was working fine in firefox. I am unsure how to proceed because i have no idea what would make prestashop output the html differently for different browsers etc. Edit: Ok. As i was writing this post, i had the customer copy and paste the source code of his order page. i found the following line in the "$(document).ready(function" part of the JS on the top of the source: $('.qty-field.cart_quantity_input, .cart_total_bar, .cart_quantity_delete, #cart_voucher *').remove(); This line of JS removed the voucher box. That line is also not present in the source code of the page when i view it from my computer. Howeverm if i type it into the javascript concole in chrome, it removes the voucher box. So, i think i found the problem, but im not sure how to rectify it.
  6. I agree. It seems impossible to debug because it does not occur for me. In a way, the OP was lucky it happened on his own computer/browser. I see that OP fixed the problem with firebug, but i am unsure exactly what he did. I think perhaps adding a display: block; attribute on <form> elements in the CSS might help. It looks like the only style associated with a form element on my site is coming from Chrome's "user agent stylesheet" which, for me, does have display: block; set. edit: I actually just added that display: block to the default theme's global stylesheet. I am hoping it works. So there might not be any need for further debugging, but i need to wait for another customer to complain to see.
  7. Yes, I am using the default theme. Here is my site: http://seemorebreaks.com I just got another complaint from a customer who could not see the voucher box in firefox. It is definitely a minority of people that have this problem, but it has happened in both chrome and firefox now. Thank you very much, vekia.
  8. This isn't really solved. Why does the behavior occur in the first place? This just happened to 2 customers today on my store. Except they could not see the voucher box in chrome, and could in firefox. Does anyone know a more in depth solution?
  9. I am now pretty sure that the problem has to do with not assigning a carrier to the warehouse where the goods reside
  10. Hi I have a kind of unique situation where i am combining x products into a pack, and then splitting that pack up into 32 pieces. so everyone gets 1/32 of each product in the pack, and there are 32 available quantity of the pack to purchase. (if you are familiar with sports card box breaks you will know what i mean) I am trying to find the class/function where the Pack reduces the available quantity of its child products on each sale. I want to change the behavior to only update the child products quantity when the last available pack sells out (since there are 32 slots in my example, child product stock would only decrease by 1 once the 32nd (and final) pack was purchased. Can anyone help me out on where to look to find where the prestashop code decreases the quantity of a product after a completed order?
  11. I have no idea what is going on now. I just enabled the Pick up in-store option in the back office, and now i can choose USPS when i checkout, but not in store pick up. So i enabled in store pickup, and now USPS works, but not in store pickup. I am so confused. I did not touch the USPS carrier
  12. Hi all, I am in the process of setting up a new prestashop, and have finally gotten to the point where i wanted to test the checkout. However, I am having 2 (possibly related) problems. The first problem I am having is: When i get to step 4 of the checkout process (SHIPPING), it says "Choose your delivery method" but there is nothing to choose, the next line is blank (as depicted in the first attached screenshot). There is no NEXT button or anything, so i am stuck there. I have looked through these forums the past 2 days, and found some helpful solutions. At one point i changed some BO settings and got the "There is no carrier available that will deliver to this address" error message on the SHIPPING page instead of blank. However, I do not remember the exact steps i took to achieve this error message, and i somehow changed it back so now i am stuck with the blank line. The other problem is that when I am logged in (as a customer to check out), i cannot choose a shipping method in the shopping cart page. (See 2nd attached image). However, when I am logged out, it gives me the option to choose my shipping carrier (I only have one atm because i deleted or disabled other carriers for testing purposes). (3rd attached image) I believe my Zones, Countries, and States are set correctly (only North America Zone is enabled and only Canada and USA are enabled in countries). I also have only selected the North America Zone in my Carrier (USPS) settings. I also have set my carrier's price and weight ranges (last 3 screenshots) I would be so happy if anyone knows what the problem is and how to fix it. Please let me know if you need anymore information about my issue. -Matt
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