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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to have different prices depending on the country(zone)-version of the shop? E.g. I want to sell my product cheaper in US than in Europe, and also I want to add danish taxes to european customers, but no taxes to american customers. Are theese things possible with Prestashop, or do I have to make two shops?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to move our webshop from oscommerce to PrestaShop, and right now I need to show my subcategories under the parentcategory in the module blockcategories. Example: I have a parentcategory with the name 'test', and two subcategories named 'help1' and 'help2', so I wan't blockcategories to show it the following way: test -help1 -help2 ...and so on... I know that it's in the blockcategories.tpl and blockcategories.php I need to do the changes, but what I've tried so far doesn't help me...
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