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  1. sorry, but this iframe problem is still not solved. Even if you allow iframes and modify the validate.php. I try to implement a simple Google Maps iframe. Nothing special. Has anyone a solution?
  2. thanks vekia, I was already on the scent with the .sf-contener ... It works! thanks again
  3. Hi, The logo of the standard theme is very small. If I need a bigger logo, how to change the size (height) of the header? I went through many forum topics, but there is no answer! I tried several ways in the "global.css". Is this such a wierd issue, I'm wondering. Has anyone a solution. My webpage: http://www.coffeesho...am.nl/index.php thanks for your help.
  4. Found the answer: I needed a 'hard' browser refresh with Strg+F5 then it finally worked. Does anyone know why a 'normal' refresh is not working??? thanks
  5. Hi vekia, thanks for the fast reply. I want to change at least some smaller things: Google Fonts line-heights ... but also some bugs like the logo height (which is too big and overlaps the pictures below). All my changes in header.tpl also do not take place. I tried everything with clearing the cache: browser cache deleting all files in cache/smarty/compile and cache/smarty/cache my smarty in the preferences is set on compile force and cache deactivated ​I really don't know what to do anymore. I have the latest version of Prestashop ( and am using the default theme. I am using the right files too (I am used to work with FTP programs like FileZilla). But all the changes are not taking place. thanks for your help in advance, k
  6. Hi chrisdac, could you also share the head of your ugly user errors! I'm having the same problem. Tried everything with caching and so, but all changes in global.css still not taking place. thanks
  7. hi vexia, thanks. As far I know is this not solving the problem because either in the one page checkout as in the guest checkout the customer has to make on an account. Is there a way to avoid that. karl
  8. Hi all, I wonder why this topic is not discussed here in this forum. But if I enter "checkout without creating account" (or similar) I get 0 results. Is this possible at all in Prestashop? I want: 1. Customer orders product. 2. product added in shopping cart 3. checkout with: name, address (not necessary but also ok: email) 4. payment thus: no creating an account at all Thanks for you help, karl
  9. here is the text for the photo above. Hi all, I need a solution for an absolute condition for my future webshop. I have a very small product to sell and do not want to bother my customers with a registration. I need only their name and address (no email, and no birth dates ...) I use the actual prestashop (to check the button on "Enable guest checkout" in "Preferences > Orders" doesn't solve the problem, because there is still email and other dates required, see photo) Thanks for your help in advance
  10. Hi lostincable, Did you find a way how to solve your problem. I have the same situation as you. Small items, and do NOT want any registration. It is absolute condition for my shop. thanks
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