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  1. Hi Ndiaga, thanks for your reply, but I'm quite new to prestashop. What do you mean exactly with "combine product accessories and combinations"? Can you please give me more details? Thanks
  2. Hello, I just created a store with prestashop and I'm having big troubles with product combinations. I was looking around and the reason is that probably I'm trying to create too many combinations (1024). The thing is that I have no Idea how to do otherwise. Is there a module I can use to avoid this prestashop issue? I'm attaching an image to try to be more specific. I really need some help here. Valerio
  3. Salve, ho scaricato il modulo, ma quando provo ad inserirlo nella posizione displayLeftColumn mi da un errore: Questo modulo non può essere spostato in questo punto di collegamento. Come posso risolvere?
  4. Hi, i just moved my website on a new domain. I changed the settings and the database. The back office is working good, but i can see just the home page of the front end. Everything seems ok, but i can't see the product images and the links to the products are not working. do i have to change soething else? please help me.
  5. did you find a solution for this? that's what i'm looking for since a couple of weeks
  6. did you solve it? my prestashop version is
  7. what about the version I tried to put the same code, but it doesn't seem to work.
  8. Salve, qualcuno sa per caso se é possibile visualizzare una lista delle categorie nella pagina di un marchio/brand? Se visualizzo i prodotti da una voce di menu (ovvero una categoria) all'interno posso filtrare i prodotti tramite il modulo nativo di prestashop (layered navigation block), ma una volta entrato nella pagina del marchio visualizzo tutti prodotti nella stessa pagina senza la possibilitá di poterli filtrare in alcun modo. Qualcuno saprebbe come risolvere questo problema? Ps: la mia verisone di prestashop é la
  9. What i need is to show somewhere the list of brand's categories in the brand page. i activated the layered navigation block, but it doesn't appear in the brand page. What can i do to show a list of categories in the brand/manufacturer page?
  10. hi, i'm trying to create a section on my website 'SHOP BY BRAND'. I have all the brands and all the categories now, so when i click on a brand name, it brings me to the brand (manufacturer) page, with all the products below, and it's ok. The problem is that in this page i don't have a category filter, so all the products of all categories are showed together. Is there a way to solve this problem? ps: my prestashop version is
  11. Hi, I'm trying to create a css to display my website in a different way on the iphone. i create a new css file that i name mobile.css with this code: @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { my css code here } after i saved it, if i try to minimize the browser window on my pc, it works. but if i try to see the website on my iphone it doesn't work. Does someone know why?
  12. Hi, i'd like to know if it's possible to change the page name from "Price Drop" to "Special Offers". I can easily change the friendly-url and the page title from Preferences ->SEO & URLs, but i don't know how to change the page name. Is it possible?
  13. Just fixed it with the hosting company...was their fault
  14. i just fixed it, was a problem with hosting company.
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