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  1. Thank you for that. Will this work with a shared host? Is this the correct module too! http://mobi.catalogo...hop-module.html just installed it nice module ! :-) when i turn on debug mode where will i see the errors? And how do i check the memory my shop is using?
  2. Ive just got this error! when i installed a module. The following module(s) could not be loaded: All modules cannot be loaded due to memory limit restriction reason, please increase your memory_limit value on your server configuration what do i need to do to fix this? Thanks
  3. ok thank you! so what do i need to do now to fix this problem? yaniv14 helped me change the foot.tpl file but that didnt get the right column working either.
  4. ive done some fixes in my css file but my error log on the host is staying the same do i need to do somthing for the changes to happen apart from refreash pages?
  5. thank you for that! Its not showing any error on the web page so ive looked at my error log and its given me a long list. How do i correct these error ? e.g this is one of them! [sun Dec 16 05:49:56 2012] [error] [client] File does not exist: /home/??????/public_html/themes/kaihootwo/img/nintendo-wii-console.png, referer: http://kaihoo.co.uk/themes/??????/css/global.css thanks
  6. The right column is missing with All downloads just wondering if anyone knows a fix? Yaniv14 has been helping me try to find a solution for this but still not getting it to work!
  7. got a kind of fix so this topic is resolved. http://mypresta.eu/modules/administration-tools/delete-orders-free.html thanks to yaniv!
  8. Still need a fix for this img url missing. So far ive fig its related to the .htaccess file every time i add the this code to it suPHP_ConfigPath /home/?????/public_html <Files php.ini> order allow,deny deny from all </Files> the text editor stops working. Can anyone please help me out ive been in contact with host who say the code is correct and that somthing prestashop as added is causing the promble.
  9. I'll email you tomorrow m8 need to rest after all this! lol thanks f e-mail! will set up an amin account for you! more learing f me :-)
  10. Ya will do tomorrow we are still working on it! one fix one to go!
  11. I never thought this would ever get fixed! thanks for the time and trouble :-)
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