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  1. Hi, the quetion has been asked before but could not find an answer or suitable solution. Installed a fresh new Prestashop on a hosting server in the root directory. Installation went all OK. Also the back office is working fine and as expected. Only issue is the front office which looks very incomplete. After inverstigation I found out that some of the shops paths with missing slashed in the path names... for example: <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://deluxepen.home.plthemesclassicassetscsstheme.css" type="text/css" media="all"> Website name: xxxx.pl but after this part the slashes are all missing. Really no idea where to look any further. Hopefully someone can give me some tips, thank you. PS: Loading of images is working fine, also htaccess has been regenerated again, cache has been cleared etc etc
  2. Hi, Since the setup of my webshop in vesion 1.5.5 (and later upgrading to 1.5.6) I experience some problems with search and filter functions in the BackOffice. For most options these funtions work and you can easy lookup i.e. product by typing in a part of the product name for example. The main issue concerns the customers and orders. There is no way to make a search here as the result is always: "no results found". I have attached examples including the console window of Chrome. Any suggestions where to look at? Many thanks in advance. Kind regards, Marcel
  3. Hi, Recently installed PS 1.5.5 and after some days trouble shooting the site works fine except of one very annoying issue with filter on the results in the back office. The problem appears to be on all Tabs in the back office, ie order page, customer page, address page, etc. Error description: When entering a key word to perform a search the result is 'empty' (no result at all). Does not matter what you type in to search for its always no result. Further when going to a second page (if there more than 50 results) the first page is shown. You can see the number of pages availabele but when going to another page except the first one the results are also empty (no result at all). To go back to first 50 results (page 1) you always need to reset the filter first. It's very anooying issue for instance when looking up an old order in a long list. I have checked the database and all information is there. It seems to be only the search / filter function inside prestashop giving the no result problems. Regards, Marcel PS 155 Issue Filter.pdf