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  1. Jag är beredd att pynta någon för att fixa det. Är vi flera kanske vi kan gå ihop och dela kostnaden. Jag kan säkert hitta någon som kan göra jobbet, +Darkfix, kan du mejla mig koden? Du har fått PM.
  2. Lite svårt att se vilken butik du driver? Seeing is believing.
  3. I would really love if the Norwegians, Danish and German customers who enters our shop doesnt have to choose country when checking out. We use Location and Currency detection by Presto-Changeo and it works perfect. It must be possible to set the checkout country to standard as the language your viewing the shop in. How can we do it?
  4. That explains why the Addstuff doesnt work, but I have made a workaround. Thnx @shokinro for the help about OPC, works flawless! =)
  5. In my shop we work with five languages and I would appreciate help to get two things regarding translation to work. The first thing is that i need to put some translation into the AddStuff module where I tell my customers we have 24/7 phone service but the ordinary code doesnt work: <center><font size="4"><b>{l s='Frågor? Ring oss dygnet runt på'}<br />+46 (0)31-788 00 10</b></font></center> It writes the whole code out and the output is like this: {l s='Frågor? Ring oss dygnet runt på'}+46 (0)31-788 00 10 The other question i need to solve is why my infoblock in One Page Checkout (the enhanced version from Prestashop Community) is not translated either. The code is: <!-- Sample texts, inspired by matrice theme, please change to your needs --> <h4><a id="toggle_link" href="#" onclick="toggle_info_block('[-]', '[+]'); return false;" title="Expand / Collapse Info block">[-]</a>Information</h4> <div class="block_content"> <img align="right" src="img/info_block_success.png" /> <h5>{l s='Secure payments'}</h5> <p>{l s='We do not store any of your credit card details and have no access to your credit card information at any time'}</p> <img align="right" src="img/info_block_success.png" /> <h5>{l s='Respect privacy'}</h5> <p>{l s='We do not sell or rent your personnal information to anyone'}</p> <img align="right" src="img/info_block_phone.png" /> <h5>{l s='Contact'}</h5> <p>[email protected]</p> <p>{l s='Phone:'} +46 788 00 10<br/> We answer 24/7.</p> </div> In this case all translations are shown in the backoffice and I have translated them but they still show in english despite I have choosen any other language. Why doesnt the translations apply?
  6. The OPC doesnt seem to work in diffrent languages either. Changing from Swedish to Norwegian and trying to checkout gives me this: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/web81293/domains/kakadutraders.se/public_html/modules/onepagecheckout/no.php on line 15 Seems to only work with my maincountry.
  7. We had no problems with the built in OPC and Tab Facebook Comment. I deactivated Tab Facebook Comment and now it works fine with the OPC. @jhnstcks - We have tried with and without all compression.
  8. It is on, I dint get any errormessages at allunfortunately.
  9. It seems not be compliant to Tab Facebook Comment if my researches is correct. Has anyone got a solution?
  10. Recently bought One Page Checkout for PS 1.4 in the Addon shop and installed it. Suddenly when you enter any productpage after that I (and all customers ) see this picture. Everything else workes fine, but you cant view the products.
  11. Det enklaste är att lägga in en modul såsom AddStuff eller Freeblock som låter dig klippa in koden enkelt för att sedan visas på någon av sidorna på webbplatsen.
  12. Hej, Kolla med klarna på [email protected] Jag ser dock ingenstans att den skulle vara supportad så frågan är... Kolla med dom, dom är bra att ha att göra med! //Anders
  13. Yes, I know and will contact him. Just wondered if someone had a clue, right away as my serp-positions is going down the drain...
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