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  1. Jag tror Epost och mejla är svenska numera
  2. Hej Vi har justerat översättningen på allt Just nu är det det ngt fel på vår sida Vilken mapp vill du ha? vet inte var mailmappen finns
  3. the time problem is almost the same without pics. Prestashop support (the paid I mean) could not solve the problem
  4. Yes I have tried that but its no different result and cache memcached etc
  5. I have a shop http://herbashopen.com loading is a pain it seems that the /SV file is wrong some one knows what to do? http://gtmetrix.com/...en.com/o3PISAck http://tools.pingdom...herbashopen.com
  6. Jag har en shop som heter herbashopen.com det tar väldigt lång tid innan den startar det verkar som det är fel på sv-filen Någon som vet vad man kan göra? http://gtmetrix.com/reports/herbashopen.com/o3PISAck http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/c4UaHe/herbashopen.com
  7. I bought a backup module from Presto-Changeo I asked them so many times if the modules worked with my needs. and of course it was wrong and they don't refund so I have a warning don't trust them What I need is Backup my herbashopen.com with everything themes, products and db. And go to a new site and import/restore everything there. (and give to my new distributor) The backup modules works like this you make a backup and that file will have a name backup1.sql.bz and when you restore, it can only restore that file/name so if you go to the new site and try to import , first you have to make a backup i.g. Backup2.sql.bz and when you try to restore it only finds that file I have tried to change names so I copy backup1 to my new site and change the name to backup2 and tried to restore but it didn't work One more thing the backup file is only 283.02 Kb so how can it backup 80 products with pictures etc I can backup to server, email and to amazon So what can I do, Do you think of any solution?
  8. Now it works in safari on my macbook maybe my hosting support found something anyway thankyou
  9. yes when i called my hosting support he said the same first then he said that he had the error site as well I don't know how he did to do that I have mac and its the same with 3 browsers
  10. I have a site herbashopen.com i dont know what happend it is some thing wrong with the /sv file Any suggesting what to do and where find the error
  11. I have already so my prospects can't see the prices, so they must apply to be able to see prices, but what we need is i.g an email so we don't have to check every hour or minute, because when people apply they like to buy
  12. so you mean with this code I get notified via email so I know if someone applied
  13. We like to approve our customers manually, is it a way to get email or ams when they have applied ?
  14. this was my concern, specially if we upload 100
  15. I wonder the ideal format to use for an images we have cans and I like if people magnifies the image they can read the label the picture is 999 x 1600 385k is this picture ok?
  16. hej såg din sida vilket tema använder du Med Vänlig Hälsning Björn Rydberg
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