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  1. Hello again, I wanted to add, that I have alraedy solved the problem. I had to qualify the hostname of my linux box, and then all the sendmail problems solved. THX
  2. Hello again, I wanted to add that I have already solved the question. It was the "mail send", if this does not work, then all of these things that I have related does not work obviuosly properly. But solving the email sending solve all my problems. THX
  3. Hello, I have an error in my installation. This is: Path is not the same between your browser and you server: - Server: shop/admin1401/login.php - Browser: srv/d_atila/www/htdocs/shop/admin1401/login.php Can anyone help me Thx in advance,
  4. Hello, I am installing prestashop, and i am in the email delivery setup step. I am tryng to send me an email from here, but it does not work. I tried first the standard send mail and i did not received anything, and after I establish my mail server parameters, but this did not worked too. I have other opensource software in the same linux box and there is no problem in sending emails. have you got any idea of what is happening? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello, I would appreciate your help, to solve my problem. I tried to follow your advices, in the forum, and most of them it works properly. But I have some questions, that I did not understand, or maybe I am doing something wrong: 1.- the email module, does not work. I introduced the parameters and when I try to send a message(i.e.: in contact or when you are going to retrieve a password because you don't remember..) the module finish with no message, and redirect me to my domain web page.Strange isn't it?. 2.- In the payment module when I try to pay by cheque or by bank wire. the module tells me that it is going to display the bak information (that I introduced it begore..), but it redirects to the prestashop myshop home page . Thanks in advance for your cooperation
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