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  1. Please look at the attached screenshot as you can see, "Priority Mail (1 to 3 days)" is displayed twitch as is the description of every shipping method. I'm guessing the second one in each pair is supposed to be a place for a comment, but I cannot find anyplace in the back office to put comments in, in place of the duplicate lines, or how to eliminate the duplicate lines completely. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm running Prestashop latest with EB Liguid theme I was able to create a category and upload an image for the category, but I cannot change the image. When I delete a category image and save, no image is displayed on the category page in the front office or in the back office, but as soon as I upload a new image, the old image comes back and it is the old image that is displayed in both the front office and back office. All of the messages (Uploading...., Saved, etc.) are correct and I am getting no errors or warnings, but I can't change the image. This seems very odd, so I thought I'd ask before I dig into the thing with a debugger MY SUSPICION IS that there may be a permission problem on the directories involved and it's not throwing a error, but I can seem to figure out which directories are involved in the process of uploading and storing the images so that I can set the permissions correctly -- IF that is actually the problem. Perhaps, if someone could tell me EXACTLY which directories are involved when uploading category and product images, I could start there... I've downloaded the ENTIRE prestashop installation so I could look for the directories, but the images seem to be stored in multiple directories, which I assume has something to do with uploading, compressing, storing, and then caching the image...
  3. I had this problem trying to setup USPS and UPS. Here's what I did to fix it: 1. Reset the USPS and UPS modules. 2. Set them up again with my account info, api key, etc. NOW: Here's the important part: Do NOT setup Price Ranges or Weight Ranges at this point. The default ranges are universal. Do NOT setup shipping for individual products or categories. The defaults are universal. Verify that you can see the shipping options for your chosen carriers in the check out. The Shipping Estimator module is handy in this regard because it allows you to easily test shipping addresses and products in cart to see that it is working. If you cannot see the various shipping options, make sure that you have shipping options selected that are compatible with the dimensions, weight, and packaging you have set for the carrier, shipping methods and the products. NOW: Once you have successfully gotten the carriers and shipping methods working (displaying, calculating, etc.), you can setup Price Ranges, Weight Ranges, specific shipping types for individual products or categories, limit which countries can use which shipping method, etc. WHY: The Price Ranges, Weight Ranges, and shipping options for individual categories and products are used to LIMIT the shipping options to make them more accurate. (You can't ship a 40 lb television in a USPS Flat Rate Box!) LESSON: If you choose incompatible options, your carrier and shipping methods will not display or calculate. So, get the SIMPLEST possible configuration for each carrier working and then set the options that limit the carriers and methods.
  4. I'd put in two or three values for each attribute and export it, modify it, and then import it. Or, put in two or three values for each attribute, and then take a look at the database and do it there using phpMyAdmin or something... But, if you only need to do this one time, the time required to enter manually is probably faster than taking the time to make it work as above.
  5. Even in the ENGLISH Prestashop demo store, the word "Informations" appears. In English the singular and plural of "Informaiton" are both "Information". The word "Informaitons" does not exist in English. When I do a search of the code base, "Informations" appears ~ 100 times in a case-sensitive search and ~ 300 times when the search is not case sensitive. I reviewed the search results and it wasn't obvious to me where I could change the English translation of "Informations" to "Information". Where do I find the English translation files so that I can correct this error?
  6. Thank you for your explicit response. I'll look at it further and am sure I can get it working. I do have caching off, etc., but... OK. HERE'S The problem: The ajax-cart.js file is over-ridden by another ajax-cart.js file in my theme. When I test with the default theme, it works correctly. Patching the ajax-cart.js file in the theme now...
  7. No, this did not fix it. Even if it did, I'd be concerned about some other problem causing this which should concern me. This isn't a known bug in Prestashop is it? If the code has to be hacked, I can figure that out, but I want to understand what is going on that requires the code to be hacked - unless it is a known bug.
  8. PrestaShop™ - It says this in the screenshot. Sorry for the cheap shot, but I am extremely frustrated at the number of seemingly basic things in PrestaShop that don't work. ALSO: It is NOT the template. When I switch back to the default template, I still have the same problem.
  9. The shopping cart is displaying "Free Shipping" even though free shipping is disabled. It calculates the shipping correctly when we get to shipping in the checkout. In fact, if a customer logs in, it immediately calculates the shipping and displays the lowest shipping cost. "Free Shipping" is disabled in the back office. How do we stop PrestaShop from displaying "Free Shipping" before the shipping has been calculated? The shipping field should be blank or say something - anything except "Free Shipping" See two images. Order - Pendulum Charts by Xeonix - Free Shipping.pdf Order - Pendulum Charts by Xeonix - shipping charges.pdf Shipping - PrestaShop Free Shipping Settings.pdf
  10. We are creating a Spanish-language only website to sell products targeted at Spanish speaking audience. I've been researching this and I cannot find good information about preferred payment methods. Do we use authorize.net and PayPal or are there other payment methods more appropriate to a Spanish speaking customer. We anticipate that the bulk of the customers will be US, Mexico, and Cental/SouthAmerica.
  11. Thank you. It turns out I was using it incorrectly. I was using a dialog associated with categories which affects the links displayed on the Home drop-down, and will let you re-order the categories, but it doesn't actually add them to the horizontal menu. You have to go to the Top Horizontal Menu module "configure" for that. Your suggestion got me looking again and I found the proper dialog to control the menu. What confused me was that when I created the first two categories, they automatically appeared on the top horizontal menu, but when I added more categories, they didn't automatically appear on the menu.
  12. Using Elation multi-base on Prestashop 1.5.3 Take a look at the screen shot. The Contact Us form is scrambled. This form is accessed by clicking "CONTACT US" in the footer. Any ideas? Maybe this is a clue: When I turned on URL Rewrite, every page on the site comes up correctly except for the Contact Us page which is now getting a 404 not found error. To be clear: BEFORE I turned on URL Rewrite, I got the scrambled contact form in the screen shot. AFTER turning on URL Rewrite, I get a 404 not found for the contact form. (ALL other pages are working correctly with URL Rewrite turned on.) Geoff
  13. Please see the two screenshots. I am using the Elation Multi-Platform theme on Prestashop 1.5.3 The horizontal menu shows Home and two categories. All of the categories are listed in the Home drop down. The two categories that display seems arbitrary. Ordering the categories in the back office determines the order in the Home drop-down, but not the order on the menu. I added categories with the names "A", "B" and "C" to determine if the length of the name affects how many categories display. All caching, CSS combining, etc. is turned off. 1. Is this a limitation of the Elation Multi-Platform theme or a Prestashop issue? 2. How do I control the number of categories displayed on the horizontal menu? 3. How do I control the order of the categories from lest to right on the horizontal menu? (Ordering them in the back-office category list only affects seems to affect the Home drop-down.) Please see the screenshots.
  14. When I try to login to Addons from the back office, it looks like it logged me in, then the Login Panel displays again asking for a userid and password. I'm not getting any errors. How do I tell if I am logged in or not? For what purpose do I need to login to Addons from the 1.5.3 backoffice?
  15. I am using PrestaShop 1.5.3 and I have new installation Import/Export a theme lists an update from version 2.1 to 2.2 When I click the "update it" button, it acts like it is doing something, but does not update. I get no messages of any kind, it simply fails and looks exactly as it did before I clicked the "update it" button. I turned on php errors in .htaccess to see if it was throwing an error, but there are no php errors or warnings. Any suggestions?
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