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  1. Hi, I recently upgraded to 1.6.1 and what I notice right of the bat is that the cart icon that shows the new orders, also the other two icon (new members and messages) is missing in the mobile version. Can i somehow add them in this top bar on mobile? They appear on desktop. I made some screenshots.
  2. Thanks for the info, I will try both. Love trying new modules
  3. Yes I tried to change language, colors, texts, but nothing changes. Only online/offline statuses.
  4. The site check returns: Widget not found or incorrectly embedded Widget appears on my shop, but can't make any changes thru dashboard. I marked in red what I have in the Zopim Widget ID field. Am I missing something ?
  5. I think hiding it permanently during the entire stay on the site will be better.
  6. It will be cool to have a "X" for closing in the right upper corner.Still a great module, thanks !
  7. I'm using default theme with 5 steps checkout. Here's a screenshot:
  8. I tested it with one order and it appears again on the last step (5th) I thinks it's payment step. URL is : /order?multi-shipping= Any ideas ?
  9. I'm trying to get rid of the Voucher Box on the checkout page/ order. Since I don't use coupon codes and looks like my customers are getting confused what to enter there. Anyone know what I have to edit ?
  10. Installed on 1.5.3, but no hook appears anywhere on the homepage
  11. Ohh, thnaks haylau, I had to see that myself, now I do.
  12. Hi guys, I currently noticed, when I change the status of some order in my back office, to shipped or whatever, the system automatically send an e-mail to the customer. I def don't need this, but can't find where to disable it. Any help will be greatly appreciated !
  13. This would be nice to know, I looking for the same, but with cashondelivery.
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