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  1. Omg..really? Why it was made complicated.. I try to refer to relevant posts here around and try to get it right. Thanks again for your guidance. PrestaFanBoy
  2. Thank you Vekia for quick reply. I am not sure how to do this. In the above posts, there was link to Dh42 blog where it is explained how to include them in header.tpl. Does this work for products too? Or I need to do the same to products.tpl file os so I need to get hand on og tags.. PrastaFanBoy
  3. Hi Nemo1, I dont have that {if} check earlier so I placed it now. Looks like the warning kind of thing got removed. Thank you very much. PrestaFanBoy
  4. Hello Vekia, I do have the similar issue as mentioned above. When I share my product to facebook, its not capturing images. Can you suggest me what I might be missing. Currently, im using PS and in Dev mode. I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  5. I tried to delete one row of ps_image for testing. What happened is , for that particular product, image got deleted. I assume if i clear the entire table, all the images of existing products will be deleted Can anyone suggest whether im doing in right way or.. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I have the same problem now. I didnt face this a week earlier. If I empty these ps_image tables , is there any other impact ? Thank you.
  7. Hi, I am getting a strange error populating so many lines in BO while uploading products csv file. Warning: Wrong parameter count for clearstatcache() in /home4/omytus99/public_html/classes/ImageManager.php on line 122 When I checked the imagemanager.php file I see the following function. clearstatcache(true, $src_file); What does this mean. I didnt face this kind of warning while uploading csv files earlier. Thanks for any suggestions PrestaFanBoy
  8. El Patron, thanks for clarifying me. Reg Alt img, I changed in product-list.tpl. and its working. But, its confusing in product.tpl and category.tpl. Does alt="{$product->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" in product.tpl is same as alt="{$product.name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" as suggested in above example or diff. Is this supposed to fetch Alt from product name? In my browser, this is what I see. <img src="http://omytus.com/79-large_alysum/beautiful-jute-clutch-adorned-with-stones.jpg" class="jqzoon bigpic" alt id="bigpic" width height style="display:inline;"> Does this mean ALT exist for this or not. Reg image by lang, yes, I do see the conflict. Any solution for this in works.. Can you suggest me reg product.tpl change.
  9. Hello El Patron, Thank you for the quick reply. Can you tell me how and which part of code I need to change for product name to be the "alt'. I learn alt plays important role in image SEO. What does it mean "never image by language" Can you explain a little.. Any other suggestions.. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  10. Hi SPAM Mod, I changed the product-list.tpl to display alt as product name. And its working so well. However, in product page, I dont have alt when checked in browser code. Its just empty. And Here is one instance of the product.tpl code. <div class="image_container"> <!-- product img--> <div id="image-block"> {if $have_image} <span id="view_full_size"> <img src="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, $img_name.large)}" {if $jqZoomEnabled}class="jqzoom bigpic" alt="{$link->getImageLink($product->link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, $img_name.thickbox)}"{else} title="{$product->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" alt="{$product->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" class="bigpic" {/if} id="bigpic" width="{$largeSize.width}" height="{$largeSize.height}" /> <span class="span_link">{l s='View full size'}</span> </span> {else} <span id="view_full_size"> <img src="{$img_prod_dir}{$lang_iso}-default-{$img_name.large}.jpg" id="bigpic" alt="" title="{$product->name|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" width="{$largeSize.width}" height="{$largeSize.height}" /> <span class="span_link">{l s='View full size'}</span> </span> {/if} </div> Any suggestions.. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  11. Hi, This was the module I ve been looking for sometime. Thank you very much. However, after I installed the latest version infiniteajax_1.2 in PS, I dont see any change in front office. Still pagination is there. Am I missing anything here? Thanks for your suggestion. PestaFanBoy
  12. Hi, Good that you got infinite scroll. I am also trying to have infinite scroll for my product list. Can you guide me how I can achieve this. Thank you.
  13. Hello Nemo1, Thanks for your quick help..:) I did the hide/show button way using JS in the same order-payment.tpl and it looks fine.
  14. Its very nice idea and UI looks good too. Can you guide me what files exactly I need to work on..I mean js,tpl.. Still, I need to improve a lot to understand prestashop structure and detailed functionality from developer point of view. Thank you Nemo1. You are so quick.
  15. Hello Nemo1, I tried numberous ways to to get two things done..but solved one of them. [solved] Population of fancy box with terms and conditions in fancy box - I just replaced the {$link_conditions} with absolute link. However, I couldnt make the dependency of terms and conditions before payment. Now, its going to process payment module regardless of whether terms and cond is checked or not. Do you have any suggestions for my problem. I want to make a dependency that only if terms are agreed, then only payment should happen else populate message and stay there. I have attached my order-payment.tpl code and ordercontroller.php file. {* begin bring terms and cond ck box to payment step *} var msg = "{l s='You must agree to the terms of service before continuing.' js=1}"; {literal} function acceptCGV() { if ($('#cgv').length && !$('input#cgv:checked').length) { alert(msg); return false; } else return true; } {/literal} ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {* begin include terms and cond in payment step *} {*{if $conditions AND $cms_id}*} <h3 class="condition_title">{l s='Terms of service'}</h3> <p> <input type="checkbox" name="cgv" id="cgv" value="1" {if $checkedTOS}checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="cgv">{l s='I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally.'}</label> <a href="http://omytus.com/content/3-terms-and-conditions-of-use?content_only=3" class="iframe">{l s='(read)'}</a> </p> <script type="text/javascript">$('a.iframe').fancybox();</script> {*{/if}*} {* end-added terms and cond box *} {* begin-changed to go back to step 1 instead of step 2(carrier) *} {if !$opc} <p class="cart_navigation"><a href="{$link->getPageLink('order', true, NULL, "step=1")}" title="{l s='Previous'}" class="button">« {l s='Previous'}</a> {* begin-added pay button instead of image for ccavenue *} <a href="javascript:document.ecom.submit();" title="{l s='Pay'}" class="button" style=float:right>{l s='Pay'}</a> {*added pay button-end*} </p> OrderController.php
  16. Hello Rocky, This post looks helpful. Thank you. Does this work for PS or do you suggest any further changes?
  17. Hi Sandeep, Thank you. Here, im trying to get the regular 5 step checkout to 4 step checkout process not just removing carrier list...but entire "shipping" step.
  18. You got it correct, Nemo1. Thanks for quick reply. But, it isnt working correct..not sure why. There are two minor issues. 1) I couldnt get it displayed with the presence of "{*{if $conditions AND $cms_id}*}" got it only after I commented it. 2) When I click "read' link, im supposed to get a fancy box with terms and cond, but got an error there. Attached the screenshot. Can you check it Nemo1.. {* added terms and cond to payments step *} {*{if $conditions AND $cms_id}*} <h3 class="condition_title">{l s='Terms of service'}</h3> <p> <input type="checkbox" name="cgv" id="cgv" value="1" {if $checkedTOS}checked="checked"{/if} /> <label for="cgv">{l s='I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally.'}</label> <a href="{$link_conditions}" class="iframe">{l s='(read)'}</a> </p> <script type="text/javascript">$('a.iframe').fancybox();</script> {*{/if}*} This is where I posted it.
  19. Nemo1, Thank you. Yes, ordercontroller needs to be changed and I did a little modification to redirect directly to AssignPayments after ProcessAddress and accordingly changed order-steps.tpl to remove display of 'shipping" step. Till this point im managed to do. Now, it comes to terms and conditions clause which was in shipping step which is now disappeared. Im not able to relocate terms and cond clause to payments step. Got struck here. I attached a screenshot. This is how I am looking now. Any suggestions..
  20. Hi Nemo1, Thanks for your solution. However, it did only partial job. I added a virtual product and then the "shipping" step is still there only difference is there is no carrier list but terms and conditions are still there. I would like to retain 5 step process but make it 4 step.. Is it possible to move terms and conditions clause to other step( may be payments) and remove shipping from the display. I was successful to some extent but failed to relocate the terms and conditions clause. Can you guide me how to do that.
  21. Hi, I have installed Prestashop and in my shop I offer free shipping and hence customer has nothing to do with "shipping" step and carrier list. I tried various edits to remove shipping from the checkout process and jump directly from address to Payment but its not getting right. Can anyone guide me how to proceed further. Thanks for every suggestion.
  22. Hi, Can anyone help me where to get this fedex integration module. Is it by default in PS? I am using PS and couldnt find. Thank you.
  23. Hi, I have installed Yotpo review module latest version in my PS It has so nice UI and very user friendly. However, there is some alignment problem that I couldn't get rid of. In product page, the product description and youtube video blocks are running over review block. Ideally it should start only after product description block. Can anyone help me. Thank you.
  24. Hi, Thanks for clarifying it. What is the main objective of providing such privileges to admin at the cost of user convenience as this generation is getting impatient over wait times. Sometimes, I am afraid even having need to register gets away customers. I am trying to improve my site's UX quotient. and will install your module. Thank you.
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