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  1. Hi, Can anyone suggest who is better fully managed VPS provider for Prestashop and My shop is targeting Indian customers and what could be the min configuration for PS 1.5 to run smoothly. Im on shared hosting this moment and want to move over to a VPS. Im confused about decision. Thank you. for any suggestion. PrestaFanBoy
  2. Do you know how and why.. Im eager to know. Are they Prestashop based store? Thank you. PrestaFanboy
  3. Hi, Im facing strange problem. I have installed this module and it looked like working fine. However, I noticed two issues. 1) This app is only working for me( app owner facebook id). When logged in with other fb ids, its redirecting to blank page in the shop. 2) When prompted for login in checkout process, after login its landing in my account page rather than address step of checkout. My site is live now. www.omytus.com can anyone help me to solve these issues. Thank you very much. PrestaFanBoy
  4. Yes, El Patron, If you are you referring to me.. When I asked, I was told that they installed the module on my server though I couldnt verify... How to check it on my shop. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  5. Hello Benjamin, Glad to see your reply. Yes, im on shared hosting. Hostgator business plan. My friends complaining that my site is a bit slower. Then I checked at various places like pingdom.com. http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/YUUIX/http://omytus.com Load speeds are varying around 4-6 secs. Most part of it is wait time. its easily around 2-3 secs. Would like to speed it up within possible framework. bring it <2 secs. Just selected all the tables and optimized with the available option in phpmyadmin. couldnt see any difference.. Any suggestion:) PrestaFanBoy
  6. Thank you El Patron. Unfortunately, I dint get any info from my hosting company as I am no shared hosting they cant provide me MySQL cache details but mod_expires is installed on the server as told by them. Im on business hosting in Hostgator. I see the below info in my BO config. Server informationServer information: Linux #4 SMP Wed May 15 19:43:53 CDT 2013 x86_64 Server software version: Apache PHP version: 5.2.17 Memory limit: 256M Max execution time: 30 Database informationMySQL version: 5.5.30-30.2 MySQL engine: InnoDB Tables prefix: ps_ Store informationPrestashop version: Shop URL: https://omytus.com/ Current theme in use: alysum_2.0 Mail configurationMail method: You are using the PHP mail() function. Your informationYour web browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/29.0.1547.57 Safari/537.36 No clue how to speed up the DB thing. Any suggestions.. PrestaFanBoy
  7. Hello El Patron, My site received slow comments too from friends. I dont have any products, hardly 70-80 products. This is what I see for my shop. http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/#!/cfsCiI/omytus.com Can you suggest any improvements based on my stats. Any help would be much appreciated:) Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  8. Hi, Thanks for solution. This is working for me too. However, im not getting the percentage reduction display right there along with original price and reduced price. I tried copying this. But didnt work. <span id="reduction_percent_display">{if $product->specificPrice AND $product->specificPrice.reduction_type == 'percentage'}-{$product->specificPrice.reduction*100}%{/if}</span> Can anyone help me how to tweak it. Thanks for any suggestion. PrestaFanBoy
  9. Thank you Nemo1 for your reply. I will try to play with it:) PrestaFanBoy
  10. Thank you Mellow. Im impressed with this module, so dont want to remove. Instead thinking about removing ias_interpage if that solves spacing issue. Is that correct.. How I can take away ias_interpage. I remember I did this once few days ago while testing, couldnt recollect it again..sorry for poor memory. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  11. Hi, I would appreciate if anyone can help me in this aspect.. Thank you very much. PrestaFanBoy
  12. Hi Mellow, Thanks for your reply. Thats sad part that it cant be implemented for instant search. Is there any workaround for spacing issue..I couldnt get around it..no clue whats going on..only for some products, there is no space between them. PrestaFanBoy
  13. Hello Musicmaster, Can you explain what this code does. Im trying to add product carousels on home page containing featured products from various categories separately with 'view more' I have attached a screenshot. How can i do like this.. Can you guide me how I can do this. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  14. Hi, I have installed SEOupdater module and it is working efficiently though yet to test it completely. I would like to know how I can make meta keywords to be copied from product tags as this would be most helpful. Thank you.
  15. Hi Mellow, I have noticed one more thing while testing. When "instant search' is turned on...pagination still there again. And in one of my page, its odd. I have attached a screenshot. Is there any workaround for this..hopefully. Thank you very much. PrestaFanBoy
  16. Hi, I searched for the relavant topic but couldnt find it. Is it possible to improve the search functionality, its very common in most of the sites but not in my shop. When I searched the word "clock", its showing all proper results from "Wall clocks" category. When I search 'King" it is getting a result from "Wall stickers" category. However, when I search for 'King Clock" it shows 0 results. It is supposed to show both of the above results combined. How to improve the functionality to search based on any word rather than complete string. Can anyone point me in right direction. My shop URL: omytus.com Thank you for any suggestion. PrestaFanBoy.
  17. Hello Mellow, I was testing this module for a while. I noticed a inconsistent spacing between the products when Infinite scrolling is ON. And it is getting right in pagination mode. Im not sure what I have missed, tried to check it..but couldnt I have attached screenshots for my shop. My shop URL: www.omytus.com It would be great help if you can guide me in right direction so that I can investigate further.. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  18. Hi, When I tried to regenerate the images, always it ended in 404 error though midway. So, for once I unchecked the option Erase previous images. o Later, I found some of the recently added product thumbnails are missing in homepage and categories page. Im not sure why every attempt of regenerating thumbnails is resulting in 404 error midway. Can anyone suggest where I should correct or is it related to site speed and performance thing. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  19. Hi Mellow, Im sorry, I placed the file in public_html/modules/blocklayered wrongly. Now, I put the file in theme/js/blocklayered/ and it is working good. Thank you very much once again. PrestaFanBoy
  20. Hello Mellow, Thanks for your reply. I did the css change. And I override the blocklayered.js in modules/blocklayered/ but it didnt work for my categories. The Ajax loader is trying to load but again page numbers are getting appeared again. At any point, I can only see either #1 or #2..but not other pages. Strange behavior. I can give my backoffice access if it is possible to check it. No clue what might be the err. Thanks for suggestion. PrestaFanBoy
  21. Hi, I see huge space between two pages where page number is indicated. How Can I remove this. I tried but it didnt work. Thanks for any suggestion. PrestaFanBoy
  22. Thank you Tdr170. Your suggestion worked for me. Did a like Thanks for every suggestion on this topic. PrestaFanBoy
  23. Hi Mellow, Sorry for the delayed reply. Its nice to see your informative reply. Yes, I do have layered navigation module installed.May be I need to do the list of changes you have suggested. My shop is not yet live. I have attached the screenshots for my shop. I noticed pagination still exist in category pages where layered navigation module is installed. And Infinite scroll is working in 'new products' page and 'search' page. May be I need to do the changes that you have suggested to layered navigation block. Im using a custom layered navigation. So, if i override it, any impact on it. Please suggest. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  24. Hi, Im not sure what happened. But I stopped getting "product-n°xxx-the-picture-cannot-be-saved" error now. So, I tried to do CSV import for 34 products. Sad part is, for 34 products, I need to do it for 4-5 times. Everytime after uploading about 8-10 products, it says "404 pag not foud" error. Is this a performance issue and it cant handle >10 products at a time.. Can anyone suggest. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
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