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  1. Hi, Thank you so much. This module is so useful But can you help me with DTDC India. Its not working, i mean not fetching the status but i can track it in DTDC India website. Bhaskar
  2. Hi all, Im not sure what happened. But im just trying a single product to upload via CSV but its getting timed out. Can anyone help me to resolve this. What could be possible reasons. .. I am using PS Thank you. Bhaskar
  3. Nemo1, I used this module. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/248739-free-module-facebook-connect-registerlogin-for-ps15/ And there are multiple template files or I couldnt find the right one. Hope it helps..
  4. This is all happening in my authentication page. Here--> https://omytus.com/authentication?back=my-account In the above page there is one blue color button "Facebook login" its where happening when i clicked on the button. This moment, its not working because friendly URL tried.
  5. Nemo1, Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is how its happening..I tried with some other module too...its same again. similar broken URL structure after friendly URL tried. Not sure where to look for possible bug/err.. Bhaskar
  6. HI, I am looking for some help from the community. I am just trying to get it done. Looks like friendly URL is working for me but not for module pages. Sorry.. i couldnt attach images as just 20 kb is allowed for attachments. Before friendly URL: it looks like this and working fine to redirect to fb page. https://omytus.com/module/fbconnect_psb/login After Friendly URL: Page: fbconnect_psb - login ( this is module page and selected from drop down list) Re-written URL: fb-login And finally when i tried to use the page..its giving error and broken URL.. https://omytus.com/fb-login?module=fbconnect_psb&controller=login ( 404 page not found) I am not sure where i did the err..i would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Thank you.
  7. Hi, I would like to introduce clothes in my shop but right now my shop has all square images. How Can I have rectangle images for clothing category. In other words, is that possible to select image sizes by category. Can anyone suggest me how can I achieve this. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  8. Hello Vekia, I havent bought yet, but thinking to buy an auto login module for fb. I will try to see if there anything in php script to do that. i appreciate your guidance Thank you.
  9. Hello Vekia, Thanks for your reply. I mean, if i buy any module that enables facebook auto login, I want all such customers to be attached to a separate group other than default 'customers' group so that I can separate them for any offers. Im not sure how it could be achieved or at what step. PrestaFanBoy
  10. Hi, I found even strange thing. When I installed a fresh copy of PS in my local system, cart rules are working fine. But not working in my shop though I have same PS no clue why is that so. I tried to copy cart rule related files from fresh install to my shop thinking that would help, but no use. Can anyone tell me how can I fix this bug. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  11. Hi, Im trying to redirect customers who login through FB to a separate group on BO. By default it goes into 'customers'. But I would want them go to different custom group say 'FB customers' so that I can offer them some kind of specific discounts/promotions. Can anyone guide me how can I achieve this. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  12. Hello Namo1, I have a problem with cart rule too. When I created a voucher to be applied for specific category, its getting applied to every category that I tried. Im using PS Do you have any clue? Im just helpless as im not able to offer any category based vouchers. More details can be seen at my other post. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/276471-cart-rules-not-applying-properly/?do=findComment&comment=1395828 Do you have any clue...im desperately seeking any help. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
  13. Hi, Can anyone help me here. Im totally struck as the voucher(cart rule) is applying for every category though I select a specific category Feeling clueless.. Any help is very much appreciated PrestaFanBoy
  14. Hello Vekia, Thank you for the reply. Yes, the handbag is not attached to the wall stickers category. But still the voucher is getting applied to handbag. Its even applying to wall clocks..just everything that i tried. I was expecting some kind of error when applied on other categories. Im using PS No clue, i was planning to offer some promotional thing and suddenly I found this. PrestaFanBoy
  15. Hi, I have similar problem. Cart rule not applying properly. In my case, I have selected cart to e applied for one specific category, Wall stickers. However, it is applying for every category. Im not sure if i didnt configure it properly. I have attached the screen shot. If you look at front office, it is applying for handbags category. My shop: omytus.com Can anyone suggest me. Thank you. PrestaFanBoy
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