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  1. Thank you. There is not fix a available. I cannot be the only one that has this issue.
  2. Invoice not being printed correctly since upgrading from 1.6 to Thank you in advance Printer not working in 1.7.4.pdf
  3. Upgraded from 1.6 to 1.7 and now Products that were selected in back office prior to upgrade are not the same items that are being displayed in live site. Please advise how to correct this. Thank you in advance.
  4. Trying to change categories for products. It will allow you to select and add or change category. You save and say that the settings has been saved but if you go back you the product you will see that the category stays the same. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  5. Upgrade from 1.7.2 to 1.7.4 and the final price for products is not showing. Thank you in advance.
  6. Email Template Translations I show this error A mail directory exists for the "en" language, but not for the default language (en) in /modules/inixframe/mails How to correct Thank you in advance.
  7. Where does one modify the Shipping to read Shipping to be calculated. Thank you in advance
  8. Increase in server errorsGoogle detected a significant increase in the number of URLs we could not access. It is likely that your server had an internal error or was busy when attempting to process these requests. Recommended action · Check the Crawl Errors page in Webmaster Tools. · Check your scripts and script permissions. · Examine the log files on the server for your site for scripts or pages that might be crashing. · Consider addressing the load on your server. Can this be corrected in Presta Shop by updating search database or does this need to be done in webmaster tools? If so how does one update the database in either one. Thank you in advance.
  9. I just had this happen when I updated firefox as well. Answer would be greatly appreicated!!!
  10. Database seems to have a connection issue when remotely connecting to database. Not sure what row this is to represent. How to resolve? Thank you in advance
  11. did that same [Ajax / Server Error for action backupFiles] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:" " jqXHR: " "any other suggestions thank you in advance
  12. Thank you for that response. I now have encountered [Ajax / Server Error for action backupFiles] textStatus: "error " errorThrown:" " jqXHR: " " Is this a server issue or presta shop issue Thank you in advance
  13. I have backed up manually prestashop and database and am ready to upgrade asap! Do I say yes or no as I am using Panda Theme as a default not Presta Shop Default theme Switch to the default theme of the new version Yes NoThis will change your theme: your shop will then use the default theme of the version of PrestaShop you are upgrading to. Thank you in advance
  14. I use the Multi store function in PS6. Would I use each store in the footer of the Site Map as I currently am using the Main Store which is the first one listed below? ie. #Sitemap: https://www.silkplantscanada.com/1_index_sitemap.xml # Sitemap Sitemap: https://www.greenerybydoctorplant.com/3_index_sitemap.xml # Sitemap Sitemap: https://www.creativeplantinteriors.com/4_index_sitemap.xml Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  15. Notice on line 575 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/modules/paypalusa/paypalusa.php [8] Undefined index: Notice on line 578 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/modules/paypalusa/paypalusa.php [8] Undefined index: date_add Notice on line 49 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: id_transaction Notice on line 55 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: amount Notice on line 56 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: currency Notice on line 62 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: mode Notice on line 69 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: date_add Notice on line 166 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: amount Notice on line 172 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: amount Notice on line 174 in file /home/silkpla1/public_html/cache/smarty/compile/96/77/1c/96771ce52e61c2ea0bf45da0290e92f1b2c3a042.file.admin-order.tpl.php [8] Undefined index: id_transaction Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  16. Back office will show $299.99. However, when you go to live site it adds an extra $10.71 without customer logging to determine what taxes should be calculated plus then it calculates the the 5% Default tax. Thank you in advance for any assistance. This is deterring customers from ordering. https://www.silkplantscanada.com/en/products/1207-products-boxwood-hedge-10x40x10.html
  17. Need SEO expert to configure the modules correctly. This is a job offer. Thank you.
  18. Currently have: SEO Autofill SEO Expert SEO Manager SEO Meta Tags Generator BASEO - Prestashop Smart Seo Pro Need to have configured correctly and have them redirected correctly. Thank you.
  19. yes but i would have liked it to be done by tomorrow...
  20. Need to upgrade from and trouble shoot as the site has been uploaded with outdated modules as well as ps 1.6 modules. Cost and turnaround time. Thank you.
  21. Please advise how to correct the buttons on the one check out page as I cannot get them to link correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have also posted here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/408104-one-page-checkout-is-not-working/
  22. Not able to use click here, guest checkout, create an account. therefore not able to place order. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  23. Where would I find this in the directory to fix? Thank you
  24. Please advise how to correct as not able to receive orders https://www.silkplantscanada.com/en/quick-order# Thank you in advance.
  25. Unfortunately, I do not know how to fix I uploaded old files as I had updated to a new theme and got everything messed up and lost and backup also got messed up...thank you for your feedback...greatly appreciate it
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