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  1. How did you resolve the problem because I have the same issue.
  2. I'm not sure I fully understand what it is you are trying to do, what do you mean by
  3. have you got advanced stock management enabled? I had the same issues until i turned that feature off. PascalVG - Any ideas about the original issue?
  4. if you are running on linux, use iptables to drop all traffic from the offending ip addresses. that will stop all traffic from them at the network level. if you just want to stop them from accessing your web site, put an entry in your .htaccess or your apache.conf or webserver config if not using apache.
  5. can you do screenshots of the carrier setting,weight ranges, price ranges etc
  6. have you read through http://doc.prestasho...naging+Shipping yet?
  7. The answer is that is it nothing to do with Prestashop, the IP address of the e-mail server is on a blacklist of IP addresses because they have at some time been responsible for sending spam. The actual answer is in the e-mail: If you follow the link, the error 550 SC-001 says You need to contact the ISP for your e-mail server.
  8. Let me understand you correctly. emails that are sent to yahoo accounts are fine, but not to hotmail or gmail? What about other email accounts that are not hotmail or gmail? Have they looked in the spam folders to make sure that the e-mails are not being marked as spam?
  9. What settings have you got in your SMTP server configuration? I've had a google about godaddy linux hosted services and the number of people having problems is huge, from configuration problems to the servers taking over a dad to deliver e-mail, and the fact that godaddy block outbound relays so you can't use for example a gmail account. I've been able to glean that you need to use relay-hosting.secureserver.net as your e-mail server with no username or password on port 25 and you can use SSL. That it limits you to 250 e-mails per day and if you want to send more then you have to buy the privilege.
  10. Have you set the out of bound behavior to disable the carriers?
  11. I was sure that I had set them all to disabled, I double checked and I had, so that can't be the issue. Let me knowhow you get on or if you need any more information, screenshots.
  12. screenshots attached. To reply to your questions, the max weight value in the carrier configration page, from reading any value in there is overriden by the weights ranges so although its a issue, it cant be affecting this. The site is live, www.everythinghenna.co.uk for your afterthought , yes, it presents all the options, sadly, when its over the weight limit for that particular range/shipper it wont remove it (
  13. Is it a paid or free theme? If paid, they most likely have a support e-mail or forum.
  14. I know nothing about that theme or module, I'm a newbie here myself :-) I've had issues with shipping hence, I know it pretty well now. Have you checked the configuration of the module in the modules area?
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