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  1. Yes, that seems to have happened when it was updated. All of the categories used to be under Shop, as it should be. When he updated the description of the category, it timed out, and when he went back to edit it, he noticed he had two categories in root, Shop and Hard Sweets, and the original categories that still work were under Shop as per usual. For some strange reason, when he updated the category Hard Sweets, it seems to have jumped out of the Shop category and appeared in Root. He never used to see Shop as a category before, when he clicked categories it was a list of all the categories he had created, but now he has to click Shop in order to see the rest of them, as in the picture above. I tried deleting the Hard Sweets category from the Top Menu and adding Hard Sweets that isn't under the Shop category for a quick fix, but that produces the same 404. Sorry if this is confusing, trying to work out the best way to word it!
  2. I've just found out that the client wasn't actually creating a new category, but editing an old one, in this case the category for Hard Sweets, which is the category that has since been moved and is creating the 404.
  3. Hi Vekia Thanks for your reply. I have asked my host for the php error logs but there doesn't seem to be anything in there for yesterday, which was when we ran into the problem. Sometimes when we create a category, the back end still times out and shows a white page but the category gets created. Other times, it will time out and the category doesn't get created, which is usually when it creates a problem with previous categories. We have always added the categories via the back office. At first Prestashop was very responsive, but over the last couple of months we have noticed certain things will take time, for example editing a product will take ages to respond when it's the first edit, but each edit that follows after that is quick to respond. That, coupled with this error, is pointing to something database related. I tried turning on debugging to see what it comes back with when timing out, but I had nothing but a white page. Not too sure what else I can try. Any suggestions would be excellent! Thanks
  4. Hi I was wondering if someone can figure this out. We've been running a shop with for a few months now and have noticed if we try to create a new category, it will usually time out. Sometimes it is successful, but most of the time it just fails. Upon trying to create one this evening, it not only timed out and failed but also misplaced one of the existing categories which is now resulting in a 404. It seems to have moved the existing category from Shop into it's own category. I can't see a way of being able to move it back. I've screen grabbed where it's moved it to because I'm not wording it very well. There is obviously a problem with our Prestashop installation, but I don't even know where to begin looking. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  5. Hi I've found a bug with I created a product with combinations using the Product Combinations Generator, which works fine. When I try to edit each different combination, I click Edit and it takes me back to the products list. It does this for every product in my catalog, not just the newly created one. Any idea on how to solve this problem? Thanks
  6. You need to add the dot in for the file extension, so example if you uploaded a jpg, you should see something like c8bf3e58e9cae81c509a2e4e6f3bd29e813d69b8_imagenamejpg, you need to change that so it looks like c8bf3e58e9cae81c509a2e4e6f3bd29e813d69b8_imagename.jpg. You then need to go to your sites FTP, navigate to /modules/themeconfigurator/img and change the same thing in there too. Whats happening is when a file gets uploaded and renamed, some bug in Prestashop is missing the dot out of the file extension, so it's making it unreadable to the browser and creating the wrong link. Giving it the correct file extension (eg .jpg) is telling the browser what type of file it is so it can display it properly. Because the link and the file name are wrong, you need to manually correct both for it to solve the problem. Hope that helps!
  7. I can't exactly remember where the changes I made to the database were. If you right click on the broken image, you should see what the image is called, it should be a bunch of letters and numbers followed by the original file name without the dot for the extension. If you search your database for that filename, you should find where it is. There will be 2 instances of it, one for the front office and one for the back office. You also need to log into your site FTP and add the . into the file name for the extension (eg .jpg). You will find the uploaded images in /modules/themeconfigurator/img. Hopefully this will be something that is fixed soon, as it's rather annoying!
  8. If you check my URL now it will appear to be fine. I made the changes to the filename and the database entry. The bug still exists.
  9. Hi, I just tried to update the images in Theme Configurator that are showing at the top of the page. I uploaded the image, but it is showing as a broken image. Inspecting the element reveals that it would be a bug with Prestashop as to why it isn't working. The image I uploaded was called smash.jpg, however Prestashop has linked it as c8bf3e58e9cae81c509a2e4e6f3bd29e813d69b8_smashjpg, missing the . determining filetype. Is there any way for me to fix this in the meantime before the bug gets fixed, as it looks awful. Url is www.astrofats.co.uk if anyone wants to have a look. Thanks
  10. Hi, Thanks for this, it works perfectly! Is there any way to do the same thing but for Tumblr? Thanks
  11. Hi Vekia I'm actually developing locally at the moment so I don't have a URL to share. I guess that doesn't make it easy! It's the default theme with 1.6 if that helps? Thanks
  12. Hi I have a product that comes in different colours. I have set the colours up in attributes and that works fine, but I also wish to write the colours in text format. I have been using the reference field for this, but on the product page it displays "Model Black" instead of just "Black". How do I get rid of the "Model" text? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me, is there a way to make the subcategories in the top menu list vertically instead of horizontally when hovered over? I'm trying to achieve the following Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Is this possible? Thanks!
  14. Still having the same problem here, even when using the above .zip. Strange.
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